Photo Gallery

This is a picture post featuring the work of three photographers, Joseph W. Carey, DK Hollinger and Eric Martin.

Joseph W Carey has a site with a large number of fetish pics.

jwc 001

These are all the spanking ones I found, but his work covers all sorts of kinkiness. The submissive model with the bambi eyes is called Brit. The bottom right picture is a rather awesome supersize special!

jwc 008jwc 002

jwc 003jwc 005

I also liked this one of a model tied to a metal bed.

jwc 007

I thought the picture below was a painting at first, but it was taken with a Nikon D80 by M.K Hollinger and found on DeviantArt. It’s title is “Spanky Time”.

Spanky time by Hollinger 001

Eric Martin is a New York based photographer with a website of his own, but I found these two on one of his Flikr albums called “Girls Girls Girls”.

eric martin 001eric martin 002

Mmm…I think a Military Uniform Special might be a good idea 🙂


One of my earlier photography posts in which I eulogised about this picture of Dita Von Teese has led to an email exchange with Danielle Emerick the photographer.

de 01

She worked with Dita in the early part of the last decade before she was famous and she’s promised to send me some more spanking pics that they did together. She recently moved house and the pictures are stored away in boxes, but when/if she sends them I’ll share them with you of course.

While we’re waiting here’s a nice picture of Dita that I came across recently (not by Danielle as far as I’m aware).


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7 thoughts on “Photo Gallery”

  1. Dammit, AGAIN all the spanking pics are F/F!

    What ever happened to those classy pictures of MEN spanking WOMEN? They used to be the touchstone of our fetish. Now they are mostly all gone.

    It has gotten so bad that I no longer simply log on to a spanking site unless I know, or am pretty sure, that there might be some male spankers on it.

    I’ve long ago stopped checking in on Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda, plus all those other sites that specialize in F/F. There is no stimulation for me there.

    Does no one else feel the same?

  2. Eric Martin’s work is nice. Would like to see more Danielle Emerick for sure. The model on the metal bed is nice, but I’m not so enamoured of the others.

    Nice bit of research there, Valdor!

  3. Dan: Have to agree that “arty” spanking photographs are nearly always F/F and more M/F ones would provide a bit of edge that is sorely lacking in some of this stuff. (Can’t speak for the pay sites – they all bore me rigid anyway)

    Having said that, I’m not against F/F in principle but I prefer to see an older woman doing the spanking so that it at least looks like a PUNISHMENT rather than lesbian foreplay. A great recent example is the scene from “The Community”. That grandma sure meant business didn’t she?

    Karl: Glad you liked some of the pictures anyway, and let’s hope Danielle comes up with the goods.

  4. Valdor,

    Interesting observation about gender bias in “arty” spanking photos.

    Someone once observed that as people age, they tend towards masculinity so if we accept that premise, an older woman doing the spanking is kind of like a man doing it.

  5. Yes, exactly! This is starting to sound like a strong argument in favor of more post-menopausal female spankers! I’m thinking particularly of the sort of women that used to be called BATTLEAXES. There don’t seem to be too many of them around these days though. 😦

  6. I love the photo of the naughty lady in blue corset, holding up stockings. Yes this lady deserves in my opinion a good spanking on that voloptous bare bottom of hers, Hopefully six or more strokes of the cane, would do such a naked derriere justice.

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