I Was A Teenage Whovian Spank Freak!

Before Buffy, pre-Xena, and earlier even than Star Trek, one sci fi/fantasy series has held a fascination for spankos longer than any other. I’m talking about a show that has been pitting an eccentric, alien-bashing Lord of Time up against a pretty, pert-bottomed assistant with attitude, and waiting for the sparks to fly, for nearly 5 decades now.

It can only be…Dr Who!


Pertwee-on-Sladen Whovian Screen GRAB!

All the internet chat, speculation and fantasy in the world can’t hide the fact that the series has never produced a genuine spanking to speak of – but then neither has Buffy, Xena or Star Trek.

Just like their vanilla counterparts, spanking Dr Who buffs are highly dedicated with an obsessive eye for detail. They’ve been writing, drawing, discussing or just day-dreaming about POSSIBLE spanking scenes ever since the Tardis first landed on our screens in 1963. And this arcane brand of spanking geekery isn’t showing any sign of coming to an end soon. Not now a new series is about to be unleashed with a profile that’s bigger than ever!

radiotimes 001sjs2

Pertwee-on-Sladen Whovian fan art and publicity photo

Yes it’s the time of year to take a close look at Dr Who’s companion on the cover of the Radio Times (and every other magazine) and think…

“Mmm….now she’d look FANTASTIC kicking and squealing across the Doctor’s knee!”

It’s an annual ritual, as much a part of Spring as the Easter bunny, daffodils, and a wet bank holiday! So without further ado here she is:

laughter 001shock 001icecream 001

uniform 002uniform 003seams 001

Karen Gillan as ‘feisty’ new assistant Amy Pond

Key points to note are red hair, long legs, short skirt, seamed stockings, and a penchant for UNIFORMS ! A further pointer is a likeness to Olivia Hallinan who was hotly tipped for the role herself. She’s the actress who was spanked in Sugar Rush and threatened with a spanking in Lark Rise to Candleford. So the omens are already looking pretty good!


Spank-a-likeys? Olivia and Karen

But will the new doctor be up to the task of taming her? In recent times, the doctors have been getting younger and Matt Smith is the youngest ever. At 27, he’s just four years older than his companion. Earlier doctors were more like uncle figures and, to the modern eye, quite pervy looking!

old docs

One thing that was pointed out to me recently by a leading expert in the field of Doctorwhospankology, is that the Doctor is now in the hands of a heterosexual man for the first time in nearly three decades. It remains to be seen how the chemistry between Smith and his assistant will develop, but Karen Gillan has already spoken about a spark between the two. More than just a spark in fact:

I do think Amy is different from previous companions because she’s very equal to the Doctor. If he tells her to do something then she won’t necessarily do it, she might go off and do her own thing which can sometimes create a rift.

The Doctor is definitely an alpha male and Amy is an alpha female, so when they meet, they combust.

Karen Gillan was unknown before she won the role, but here’s a rare opportunity to take a close look at her soon to be much lusted after bottom.

karengillankevinbishopshow 1karengillankevinbishopshow 2karengillankevinbishopshow 3

It’s captured from one of her few previous tv credits – last year’s The Kevin Bishop Show. She appeared in a blonde wig and pink bikini, and as she walked out through the door she showed off her ASS-istant potential. No wonder her appointment was confirmed just a few weeks later!

hand 001

Speaking about the challenges of the role, she said:

It’s a pretty terrifying role, but a huge privilege to be part of an iconic show. I’m following a long line of great actresses who have played the companion, so it’s quite daunting. I’d love to sit down with them and have a good chat about it.’

If there’s one thing that fellow Whovian spank freaks love to sit down and have a good chat about, it’s which of the long line of great companion actresses was the most spankable of them all. So here’s my personal Top Ten:

  1. Elizabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane) – stuck up news reporter
  2. Katy Manning (Jo) – “For those watching in black and white, Jo’s bottom goes bright red!”
  3. Karen Gillan (Amy) – flame-haired floozy
  4. Billie Piper (Rose) – what a backside!
  5. Nicola Bryant (Peri) – needed a trip to the Twin Red Moons of Planet Discipline
  6. Debra Watling (Victoria) – good screamer
  7. Maureen O’Brien (Vicki) – top tardis totty with a very smackable botty
  8. Wendy Padbury (Zoe) – The Naughtiest Girl in the Galaxy (see picture below)
  9. Janet Ellis (Tegan) – air hostess (nuff said)
  10. Louise Jameson (Leela) – “Oh no Doctor, please, not on the bare…!”

My number 3 choice might be deemed a bit premature, but I’m confident that I’ll be proved right!


Prepare to receive your Cyberspanking!

The best online resource for everything relating to spankings in Dr Who is the Yahoo Group dwspank. A recent update includes shots of No 1 most spankable assistant, Elizabeth Sladen, in tight leopard skin pants! And there’s more pictures of Karen Gillan in THAT policewoman’s uniform too!

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19 thoughts on “I Was A Teenage Whovian Spank Freak!”

  1. I think that we will have to agree to disagree on this one. I have Amy Pond down as the spanker and not the spankee 🙂

    By the way when you click on a link to your blog as a whole, it is not showing the most recent post. Mitch at All Things Spanking had the same thing happen after he installed some plug in thingy (note the technical term). He did a post about it, I will put the post address below.



  2. Great piece! I was definitely a whovian spank freak! I didn’t realise at the time there were many thousands of us up and down the country. For many (in the UK) of a certain age, the Dr Who girls have always been an object of spanking interest or fantasy. I’m old enough to have seen the very first episode,i was 5 at the time, and i can still recall the sense of wonderment when i saw the show for the first time. A few years later my dad took me to the cinema to see the film ‘Dr. Who and the Daleks’ I was initially shocked to see the doctor in glorious technicolor and then shocked to see the doctor had morphed into Peter Cushing! His companions had changed as well. It was only many years later that i found out, that the lovely and very spankable, Jennie Linden had played the oldest granddaughter (not strictly a companion i agree). looking at the screen shots from the film Jennie had very 60s hair! all back combed and looking like a bee hive! see here


    She looked a lot better in the Persuaders!

    and some nice pics here


    My favourite is Elisabet Sladen closely followed by Katy Manning, who always gave the impression that she was a naughty girl. I suspect she might have visited the headmistresses study on a few occasions. After leaving Dr Who, katy appeared in an 1973 ‘Armchair Theatre’ production called ‘The golden road’, playing a lesbian, quite daring for that time and needless very exciting for me at the age of 14! She also did a photo shoot for penthouse (i still have it somewhere) again quite daring after starring in a children’s series.


  3. Having sadly never seem much Dr. Who, the closest I can conjure to this situation is Zooey Deschanel as the female assistant, Trillian, looking deliciously spankable and seeming appropriately naughty in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Zooey actually did get an on-screen spank in that movie — which was very satisfying — though it left one wanting more.

    And then, as if we needed another reason to spank Zooey, along comes the movie “500 days of Summer” in which she toys with her boyfriend’s heart, apparently just for a lark, then leaves him and marries some other guy. Zooey, don’t tell me you’re not “asking for it”!

  4. Hey hey hey…HIGH 5 for another Liz Sladen fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s scary to think I’ve probably seen about 99% of the whole Dr Who tv series ever since it began years ago.

    Absolutely cannot wait for the new series starting in April. It looks the business and thank God it seems to have gone back to it’s roots and shed a lot of the pantomime elements that RTD brought with him as show runner.

    Amy Pond looks dammed spankable too!!!

  5. Nice to hear from some fellow WSFs!!

    Hortic: To be realistic, there’s probably MORE chance of Amy spanking the doctor than the other way around!

    Martyn: I always thought that Katy Manning deserved a good spanking for doing those nude shots. Loved the Jennie Linden beehive pic!

    KFG: Zooey would make a great Doctor Who assistant. She’s playing an “assistant” of a very different kind soon – a 1970s groupie in “I’m With the Band”.
    Can’t see much spank potential in that one, but you never know – perhaps one of her rock star conquests will be a bit kinky!

    Ian: When Katy Manning left I was sure they could never find a more spankable assistant. Then Liz Sladen appeared and I thought: “Wow! they’ve only gone and done it!”. Great to hear that you’re such a fan of her and the show. Roll on April 4th!

  6. Great post, Valdor, about my favorite spanking subject, bar none, but I have one small correction. Janet Ellis was a 1980s Blue Peter presenter who had previously played a oneoff character named Pricess Teka in the Doctor Who story ‘The Horns of Nimon’. Tegan was played by Australian actress Janet Fielding. And if you want to know how to tell them apart, here are two points where you can see the clear blue water:

    (1) There is a photograph in existence showing a prone Janet Ellis with her bare bottom invitingly upturned. Janet Fielding is a committed feminist who would never have willingly posed for that!

    (2) Princess Teka gets her bottom smacked onscreen (by Tom Baker). Air Hostess Tegan only deserved it – and how!

    Oh yes, there are some onscreen bottom smackings in Doctor Who, including a couple slaps to Jo’s rear in her very first story. There were even two spanking threats. But you’re right, the series never made it to an actual spaking scene… at least, not onscreen. There are anecdotes about rehearsal horseplay (involving Wendy Padbury and Elisabeth Sladen to name but two), and there were at least two stories written which featured spankings, only they were abandoned before they actually got made. But good news! One of these, ‘The Prison in Space’ from 1968, had been made as an audio production with some members of the original cast. It is to be released later this year, so there’s a good chance that at long last we shall get to hear, though sadly not see, Zoe getting what must be one of the most deferred spankings in history!

    Until then, we have ‘feisty’ disobedient Amy Pond to enjoy. Hopefully, Valdor, you’ll post your followup thoughts when we have had a chance to see her on screen!

  7. Gotta love your encyclopedic knowledge, and exhaustively researched spanktastic posts, though I must say, I never really watched the original Dr. Who! Only perhaps a few times.

  8. Valdr, you say: ‘To be realistic, there’s probably MORE chance of Amy spanking the doctor than the other way around!’

    I can’t let that go by without a rebuttal. The basic format of Doctor Who places the Doctor as a figure of assertive authority. We saw that in the new episode last night when he saw off the eyeball aliens… simply by telling them who he is, and letting their selfprotective instincts do the rest. He’s sometimes fallible, even mercurial, but he is the character who is always on the side of right in the end. He is usually accompanied by a young woman who is usually wellmeaning but, for reasons of moving the story along, will often fail to do as she is told or get herself into trouble. That is why the series lends itself so well to Doctor-spanks-companion scenarios, even though it has never actually happened on screen.

    Because the Doctor can be fallible, there is still scope for the companion to criticize him from time to time. We can see this brewing with Amy because of the way he keeps overshooting in the TARDIS and making her wait years for him to come back, so there will be moments of friction between them when we don’t feel that she is completely in the wrong. But if she goes up against the Doctor, she’ll also never be completely in the right, because in the final analysis he’s the hero… and that’s why, in an ideal world, she’d be heading for a good spanking sooner or later.

    A spanking is an ultimate, climactic assertion of authority. Quite obviously it is something that’s going to be done *by* the Doctor, and not *to* him.

  9. Harry,
    Thanks for another excellent comment – I totally agree with all your points about the internal dynamics of the Doctor/assistant relationship. But there’s a wider context to consider too when it comes to actually getting a spanking onto the screen. In that regard, Amy spanking the Doctor would be considered more acceptable in today’s climate.

    Don’t think I’ll be laying any bets either way though!

  10. As a Whovian of long-standing, I naturally have to through in my two cents worth. For my money, the most spankable assistant of the recent series has to be Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman.

    Of the more “classic” Dr. Who, I’d have to go with Tegan, played by Janet Fielding. Tegan was a self-described “mouth with legs” who tried the Dr.’s patience more than once!

    I remember the 1st Doctor, played by William Hartnell, threatening his grand-daughter, Susan, with a “jolly good smackbottom.” And in an episode set in the Old West, Dodo got a good smack on the bottom from one of the bad guys. Sadly, that’s all I recall from Dr. Who, spank-wise.

    BTW, my nickname, Dr. Ken, came about when I first started posted on Sci-Fi message boards, mostly the ones dedicated to “Dr. Who”. One day I signed a comment, “Dr. Ken”, and….well……

  11. Dr Ken,

    That’s interesting, because (unless I misunderstand you) the two girls you’ve picked fulfill two different criteria for spankability.

    I’d agree that, of the Tennant companions, Martha possesses the most magnificent bottom, which is a very good reason for wanting to see her being spanked. The problem is that Martha is notoriously difficult to put into a spanking situation. (Unless we decide to spank her for not giving us a good reason to spank her…) I discussed this with Texas Jim a few years back and he said, rightly I think, that she seems such a nice, helpful person that it’s unfair to spank her. Well, he did manage it by tweaking one of her character traits, and got her on the receiving end of a couple memorable white panty spankings in Theatre Group. I also managed it recently in my Doctor Who Spanking Adventures in dwspank, but it wasn’t easy and (this will be important for some of us) the spanking wasn’t really deserved.

    In contrast, Tegan is someone who’s *very* easy to spank because she is just so pugnacious and aggressive at the Doctor. So with her the primary reason for wanting to see her OTK is because she really deserves it – quite the opposite to Martha, in fact.

    I have to admit Tegan isn’t my favorite, which I guess has a lot to do with my particular shade of kink. One of Doctor Who’s problems at that time in its history was the way the argumentative relationships between the Doctor and his companions became more unpleasant than before. (I think this had to do with hangups in members of the production and scripting team.) Now, the counterintuitive thing about my interest in spanking is that the more I like a girl, the more I want to see her get spanked… but Tegan’s spankworthy behavior often went so far that she became personally disagreeable. It’s a tough balancing act between being generally likeable but also naughty enough to deserve a spanking… one which Sarah Jane pulled off very well indeed, and from what we’ve seen of Amy it looks as if she is going to do an excellent job at it too! All we need now is for someone to arrange the appropriate follow through!

  12. In “The Horns of Nimon” Teka (Janet Ellis) got a smack off Tom Baker and in “The Two Doctors” Peri (Nicola Bryant) got a smack off Colin Baker.

    As much as I’d like to see a spanking on the New Who, I think that in this political climate it just wouldn’t be well-received.

    We can still dream…

  13. The person most connected with ‘Dr.Who’ needing a good ( non-sexual ) spanking is that berk Steven Moffat, for ruining my favourite television programme with his stupid ideas ( whales flying through space? Come on! ) and bad casting. R.T.D. got it pitch perfect.

    Karan Gillan has great legs, but all the acting ability of a tree. I quite fancy Beth Wills the new executive producer though. She can spank me any time.

  14. I am so a teenage Whovian spanking freak…I remember watching for the first time and thinking “I want to tease that man until he has no choice but to punish me!” And I still do. I don’t know why, but the Doctor has done the strangest things to me regarding sexuality. He’s so hot. And not just in the “he’s handom” and what not. I mean he’s hot because…he’s the Doctor! He fights ancient races and has them running in terror just by speaking to them. Hes so dark and strong but he’s a man. He puts others first and try’s to help at any cost. He’s sweet and kind. A very good friend. But I feel like he defenetly would have no problem throwing a companion over his lap if he felt the need of it. Prime example why he should: Amelia Pond. I also happen to resemble her a lot lol. And maybe, just maybe one day he’ll show up in my room and give me that sound spanking I’ve craved and needed for a long time! 😉

  15. On a slightly different note, but related, I just read a review of the Lars von Trier film ‘Nymphomaniac: Part 2’. The poor reviewer was nonplussed when one of the protagonists, a wayward wench played by Charlotte Gainsbourg, gets mixed up with a young man who ‘beats her bare bottom’. So upset was the reviewer, that I think he had to have a cuppa and a good lie down.
    However, I’m just wondering if our intrepid researchers can come up with the relevant clip, or even some stills for those of us who are less squeamish.

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