What Top Celebrities Really Think About Their Bottoms – Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson featured in a recent Spank Statement – that’s her playing the headmistress in the stills from An Education a couple of posts down – and she’s now starring in the second Nanny McPhee movie.


Emma and Maggie

She wrote and produced it herself and included a bit of (f/f) spanking. She didn’t care to have Nanny McPhee herself dealing with the spoiled rich girl.

nanny mcphee 003 0005

The down to earth farmer’s daughter (Lil Woods) gets to do it instead! No idea what the implement is though.

Ironically, her mother in the film is played by Maggie Gyllenhall, but since she’s only thirteen I would hope that she’s not yet familiar with Ms Gyllenhaal’s early work!

Anyway, what better time to install Emma Thompson into the “What Top Celebrities Really Think About their Bottoms” Hall of Fame?

She told the Daily Mail last September:

I’ve got a great big zonking bottom!”

et 001

“Yup, that’s zonking alright!”

And Rhys Ifans, who plays Uncle Phil in the film, tested out the truth of her words at the premiere!

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