The Perfect World For A Man

Faithful readers of this space may recall an earlier post about a documentary on the women who worked in the London Playboy Club during the 1960s. I’ve now uploaded three Youtube clips for you to enjoy.

Playboy Bunny Costume2

Fiona Richmond, one of the middle-aged former bunnies, recalls being made to stand and face the wall as a punishment for being “cheeky to inspector”. Watch it here.

In the 1970s, Fiona became a soft porn star who was always in the tabloids because people were scandalised by the fact that her father was a clergyman. One of the most interesting parts of the documentary came when the bunnies recalled how their parents reacted when they heard about what they were doing for a living.

Sadly Fiona herself wasn’t included in this bit, but as Sir Vice Anglais commented on the original post, one former bunny said she was threatened with a spanking if she took the job. She uses the term ‘skelp’, a Scottish dialect word for spanking. As an introduction, I’ve left in some nostalgic footage of the “perfect world for a man”, including a pervy job interview, which leads up to the skelping quote. Watch it here.

bunny 001bunny 002bunny 003

Hutch honey hindquarters

I had an email from Martyn last week in which he joked that to spank a bunny girl you’d have to remove her tail first! The picture below of authentic 1960s bunnies shows that wouldn’t really be necessary as the tail was attached higher (over the coccyx).


The final clip I’ve uploaded has some gloriously sexist footage of bunny girl training sessions in which you see one of the strict bunny mothers who ruled over their charges with “a rod of iron”. It all culminates in a good excuse for a spanking…or some cornertime at least! All together now: “babarom-babarom-babarom-pompom!!”

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3 thoughts on “The Perfect World For A Man”

  1. What’s remarkable about Playboy is how mainstream it’s become. When Apple cleared out porno and erotic apps from the iphone app store recently, Playboy remained.

    It’s as though what was revolutionary in the early 1950s — that a man should care more about beauty and sex than about kids, wife and family — has become such a standard issue axiom of modern life that it barely stands out anymore.

    Still, these stories from the early days, give us some insight into what a sea change there’s been in “public morals” over the last half century — make what you will of it. Nice compilation of cultural history there, Valdor!

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