Stills from Doctors

Some screen shots from Doctors the first UK TV spanking in seven years! (thanks Harry). You can read the full details about the scene in the post below.



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2 thoughts on “Stills from Doctors”

  1. The first in seven years?

    I don’t know the scene you are thinking of from 2003 (when I lived elsewhere) but wasn’t the Sugar Rush spanking in 2006?

  2. Whoops! – I just had the BBC on my mind for some reason (Two Pints of Lager). Still the point is it’s good to see the UK getting a slice of the action at last when you think of all the scenes that have been coming out of the US in the last few years.

    And talking of the Beeb, the irony of a spanking in a BBC series with the title “Doctors” can’t have escaped you. And what about the dalek entering stage right in photo no.6? 🙂

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