Doctors – The Video

As Chross pointed out, daily soaps are not normally shared on the web (or repeated on television) so this one could so easily have slipped through the net. But he’s now managed to salvage and preserve the Doctors clip for the entire Spanko Nation!

Another hero is Martyn, who reported it in the first place, and is well known for seeing spanking scenes that no one else (or very few others) saw. In fact, he has written an entire 4-part series of Spank Statements about them. (And that doesn’t include Testament of Youth which he placed at No. 5 in his reader’s top ten without even realising that it was “lost”!)

Martyn’s Lost Spankings:

  1. Lost Property
  2. An Advert for Adult Education
  3. People Like Us
  4. The Ffinest Ffamily in the Land

Thankfully Doctors won’t now become another candidate for this series!

I’d also like to say hello to two very mysterious readers who enjoyed last Saturday’s Spank Statement so much that they copied details from it onto message boards. Sadly, neither of them could find it within themselves to leave a comment here, or provide a link, or even MENTION this site in their posts!

It was probably just an oversight on their part, so this is a great chance for American Way and DavidC to de-lurk themselves and say “hi” or “thanks for posting” or “love your blog” or something like that. I know that DavidC has some extra info about the former Howard’s Way star Tracey Childs up his sleeve…

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