Ice Dancing – Yes Really!

I’ve been busy looking for some of the spankiest ice dancing pictures on the net. Russian couple Sergei Novotski and Jana Khokhlova take the Gold medal for the top one which comes from a routine the couple danced at the recent Winter Olympics. I don’t know what Jana has done wrong but she must have been very naughty indeed!


Spanking on ice

posepose2flame 002

More Sergei and Jana.


Warning: Don’t try these OTK positions at home.

lamp 001

Chilling out

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4 thoughts on “Ice Dancing – Yes Really!”

  1. Is there no end to human spanko ingenuity? I’m still smiling about the Shakespeare spanking in London. It’ll be moonwalk spankings next 🙂

  2. I can well imagine there’s a lot of “discipline” involved in professional figure skating, as well as a lot of public focus on shapely female bottoms. So where those two factors converge, it’s safe to assume that spanking will not be far behind!

  3. I am lobbying the Olympic Committee to see if we can get “Ice Spanking” to be considered a sport in the next Olympic Games.



  4. You’ll be lucky, sunshine. I tried to get ‘Tag Team Caning’ on the schedule last time but they just ignored me!

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