Gleefully Spanking Rosie Jones


The celebrity name that usually brings in the most search engine traffic to this site is Cheryl Cole. I think I’ve only mentioned her once or twice but most days somebody types “I want to spank Cheryl Cole” or something equally optimistic into google and lands, for their sins, right here.

Recently though Cheryl has been well and truly knocked off her perch by the model Rosie Jones (left). Rosie often frequents Page 3 of the UK’s most popular newspaper The Sun. She also happens to be the sexy santa who dished out a spanking on this cover of Loaded last December.

I don’t know what Rosie’s fans (who are probably quite a bit younger and a helluva lot more vanilla than me) make of The Spank Statement but this post should bring in a few more of them.


As you can see, this time it’s Natalie Blair who gets sort of swatted with a flag by Rosie in a cheerleader themed shoot for Front magazine. Chross posted the pictures on his forum when they first appeared in the May issue. He probably thought the spanking, if you can call it that, looked too lame to use in an actual blog post. Can’t really argue with that, but he put it on a thread titled Unfamous But Notable Derrieres!

UNFAMOUS?! That’s Rosie – The Spank Statement’s most sought after celebrity – Jones!

Anyway I thought it was worth unearthing the pics and posting them here. The photoshoot was inspired by the hit US TV show Glee and actually has another connection with an earlier Spank Statement post. I’ll reveal exactly what that is in another post. (I’ve just given you a big clue by the way!)


For now, let’s enjoy some more views of Ms Jones’ bottom and remind ourselves of last Christmas when Amy Green threatened to make it go all rosy!

rosiejonessailorsuitrosiejonesbuttcrackRosie Jones And Amy Green Loaded Magazine January 2010 013

Front showcases the truly awesome photography of Zoe McConnell (a former page 3 girl herself), and some of the freshest, pertest, most smackable bottoms to be found in any lads mag anywhere.


I found this superb shot on Zoe McConnell’s own website so even Rosie’s biggest fans might not have seen it before!

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4 thoughts on “Gleefully Spanking Rosie Jones”

  1. Wondering about the correlation between “spankability” and fame. It seems pretty tight in this instance, but surely there must be counterexamples.

  2. Karl & Chross: I’ve been on google and discovered that there’s another “famous” Rosie Jones who’s a US lady golfer. So maybe some of the visitors I’ve been getting were looking for info about her. I think we can be sure about the person who typed “Rosie Jones + great butt” though! (unless they meant putt!)

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