Kenneth Orme’s The £50 Wife

Murray Roberts has sent me his latest novel extract, The £50 Wife, which is the sort of title that promises to deliver something politically incorrect by today’s standards. Click on the thumbnail at the end of this post to see how that promise is fulfilled in a most satisfying way!

Talking of political correctness, Murray has also been telling me about a production of The Little Hut that he saw in the 1970s starring Geraldine McEwan:

“I am amazed that this has resurfaced. Quite apart from the spanking, coloured people were portrayed as primitive savages, which I would have expected to lead to riots in the streets, these days. I did not see the original 1950s production, but I did see the revival wth Geraldine McEwan as Susan. Alas, she lay stiff as a board, and flat as a flounder, with no visible reaction to the spanking at all.”


Geraldine McEwan

On the same theme, Harry has sent me an adorable Calendar Girls publicity shot of Janie Dee who is appearing in a new version of The Little Hut. So far there’s been no word as to whether the spanking is included or not, but the picture at least captures something of the spankable attitude which so impressed the critics who reviewed her performance. Can’t imagine her just lying there flat as a flounder, can you?


Come to think of it, Janie would also be a great choice to play the “tigress” Teresa in a stage version of The £50 Wife:


Thanks Murray. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Kenneth Orme’s The £50 Wife”

  1. Janie’s bottom is nicely highlighted in that wreath.

    Nice story on the jpeg. But politically incorrect? yes.

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