Father, Dear Father

father dear father This clip is from a 1973 British movie which stars Patrick Cargill as a middle-aged divorcee who is left to bring up his two teenage daughters, Anna (Ann Holloway) and Karen (Natasha Pyne).

When Karen (left in picture) is caught out trying to deceive her father, he doesn’t need to threaten her with a smacked bottom, she reads his mind and says the words for him!

It’s an embarrassing line for anyone to have to say out loud…try it sometime!

It’s good that you can see Anna’s reaction too, biting her lip and wincing at the thought of what is about to befall her sister.

The same line was used in an episode of the original TV series. As I remember, one of the girls (I’m not sure which) is being given a talking to by her father. She’s heard the lecture so many times before that she knows it word for word. And the final line is “…and I’m not too old to have my bottom smacked.”

Cargill says: “Yes but that’s the problem, you ARE too old.”

At the end of the episode, when the girls are both in big trouble yet again, Cargill comes home and they start backing away from him.

“I know what you’re probably thinking…”


“We’re NOT too old to have our bottoms smacked!”

They run out through the door, and the titles start to roll.

I’ve also found this great clip from the TV series which ties in perfectly with this earlier post. Unknown to her father, Anna has been hired as a bunny girl waitress. Ann Holloway looks wonderful in her bunny outfit as she gets her tail adjusted by the bunny mother.


But there’s a shock in store when daddy turns up for a meal with some old friends…


All sorts of chaos and slapstick ensues.


And Cargill’s hand finishes up exactly where I’ve always wanted to see it…right across his daughter’s bottom!

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8 thoughts on “Father, Dear Father”

  1. There was a movie a few years ago ‘Young Adam’ with Ewan McGregor delivering a hard spanking with a kitchen implement to lovely young Emily Mortimer’s bared buttocks. Any chance of finding that?

  2. I would have spanked all four of these naughty females in the scene. Yes up would go their dresses, down would come their knickers, and the cane, a pliable stinging cane, would come down on each of these naughty women’s bare botttoms.

  3. Thanks for the Young Adam link. I think it was the spontaneity of the spanking that originally appealed to me, but it was all rather brutal and sad.
    Thanks anyway.

  4. As a ten year old i loved FDF and it was entirely down to Patrick cargill’s two lovely daughters. He seemed to be always threatening them with ‘a smacked bottom’ but probably this only happened periodically and i just imagined he was always at the ready for some over the knee action. I really fancied natasha Pyne who was 22 when the series started. I watched every week just in case the girls would exasperate Patrick so much, that he would snap and carry out his threat – but sadly he never did (apart from in my imagination and about 500,000 other guys imaginations!)

    I think natasha pyne featured in a soap ad after FDF (for camay?) Her TV appearances were surprisingly quite rare after FDF but by sheer coincidence this week i purchased the complete series of Van der Valk and she appears in about 6 episodes – so I’m really looking forward to seeing her for the first time in this show.

    Her husband Paul Copley (lucky man) is always on TV and I’m sure i saw him in an episode of of FDF but can’t find any evidence of this on imdb though. Perhaps that’s where they met?

    anyway a great show

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