Switch On – It’s Time For Glee

Since I first posted this stage switching from the musical Spring Awakening eighteen months ago, the little known actress playing the spank-curious, turn-of-the-century teenager Wendla has gone on to bigger things.

Lea-Michele-Glee l

In fact, Lea Michele is now one of the hottest stars on TV thanks to her role as Rachel in Glee. She’s even made Time Magazine’s list of “100 Most Influential People in the World” for 2010. It’s amazing what an early appearance on The Spank Statement can do for your career!

lm 002

For years Kiss Me Kate was the only regularly performed stage production which contained a spanking scene. It’s attracted a loyal following of devotees who collect pictures and swap tales about which Kate got the most spankings etc.

Can Spring Awakening ever attract the same sort of interest?

Disney Wendla by hrivielIt’s a very different scene that lacks the OTK factor of Kiss Me Kate. It’s also a consensual (yawn!) scene with none of that sparky “taming of the shrew” build up that you get in the older musical.

On the other hand, Spring Awakening does have an electricity all of its own as the sexually repressed Wendla attempts to get Melchior to “play” with her. It may not be otk, but it is on the bottom and the switching looks pretty real too. Very rarely KMK spankings are over underwear, but it’s written into the script that Wendla says she isn’t feeling anything and LIFTS HER DRESS! Plus, while most KMK actresses have way too many layers, Wendla only wears a flimsy white dress and dark stockings – a great combination!

And productions of Spring Awakening are getting more and more sexed up too! This is the poster for a recent Brazilian show starring Maria Sharapova lookalike Malu Rodrigues. (Haven’t been able to find a clip of her being switched, but it could well break new ground if it surfaces).

mr 001

Commenting on Lea Michele’s selection for the Most Influential list, Olivia Newton-John told USA Today,

“As Rachel Berry on the hit TV show Glee, she is inspiring young people to get involved in musical programs in schools and encouraging communities to fund them.”

Hmm…wonder if thats the only thing she’s inpired young people to get involved in? Audiences at SA shows are mostly in the 16 – 25 demographic, and it can only be a good thing that this generation are being introduced to the idea that spanking is an exciting and acceptable thing to try out. Or to put it another way:

Teenagers whupping each other with twigs? What’s NOT to like!

It could even become a Youtube craze if these two videos are anything to go by.

  1. This recently uploaded clip features members of the US cast on a day off during their national tour. Judging by the poor sound, it’s a windy day which might be what made the branches fall off the trees. Check out the giant-sized specimen in the background! It looks as though Krista Pioppi gets more than she bargained for too.
  2. Even more bizarre is this rehearsal by 18 yr old drama student Claire who is very serious about her art indeed! (Check out the telling comment from someone behind the camera “Claire, why do you always want to do THIS scene?)

Yes, you could say that things have come a long way since that earlier Spank Statement. And for those who still aren’t convinced about Spring Awakening, what about some spanking in Glee? It would suit it well with it’s youthful cast of prim students and sassy cheerleaders.

Although according to some reports Lea Michele is in need of a spanking in real life, perhaps the best chance will come when Glee does a SECOND Madonna special in the next series. The first Madonna special contained 8 songs, none of which were Hanky Panky. Only trouble is Madonna has had a hell of a lot of hits!


If the annoyingly perfect Rachel were to find herself in this position across the knee of Spanish teacher Mr Schuester in a future episode then it really will be time to switch on to Glee!

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2 thoughts on “Switch On – It’s Time For Glee”

  1. Sounds like a happening show, stage performance and actress. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Valdor!

  2. KFG: Good to see you’re still paying attention.

    FJ: I’ve never had a problem with Youtube from a content point of view – probably because I tend to upload mainstream clips with no explicit content. I did once get a warning for copyright infringement. Apparently they operate a “three strikes and you’re out” policy.

    Banning spanking porn from Youtube does have an upside to it – it makes the mainstream stuff easier to find!

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