There was an interesting storyline in the 2003 US series Kingpin, although in the end the important action is all off screen. A gangland drug boss arranges a “1-1” between a stereotypical kinky Englishman (Stephen Tobolowsky) and a Mexican girl (Delilah Cotto) who is expected to take 100 strokes of the cane!

Things don’t quite go according to plan however…(the show was full of graphic violence and this scene is no exception).

You have to admit that Delilah was well qualified for the role though!

Delilah Cotto

Delilah Cotto shows off her “proud arse”

3 thoughts on “Kingpin”

  1. Yes I would have liked to see Delilah Cotto, receive a 100 lashes of a cane on her bare bottom. Hopefully she would also wear a garter-belt and stockings, to make the caning scene more erotic.

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