Stefanie Powers in Lancer

Lancer was a 1968-1970 Western television series, which starred Andrew Duggan as a father with two half-brother sons, an arrangement similar to the more successful Bonanza. Wayne Maunder was cast as Scott Lancer, the educated older son who gets to spank the lovely Stefanie Powers in an episode called ‘The Black McGloins’.

This was Stefanie Powers’ second screen spanking, which I didn’t even know had happened until JS666 left a comment on an earlier post about actresses who have been spanked more than once. In fact, it seems to owe quite a bit to the climax of McLintock the film in which she got her first spanking. There’s a similar chase with slapstick moments and pratfalls before the final reckoning in a barn, but thankfully no coal scuttle! (Some might say that Powers deserves all she gets for that terrible Irish accent if nothing else) The “shameful” incident at the water-hole by the way refers to her being caught skinny-dipping.

Fans of Stefanie Powers must also watch “Zee” the other episode of Lancer in which she guest stars. It has her playing “a tomboyish hellion who is caught robbing a store”. Hellion is just the right word, and if ever a woman needed the fires of hell injecting into her bottom, it’s Powers’character in this episode. The script must set a world record for the maximum number of spanking opportunities per minute. For anyone who enjoys watching grown women acting naughty (as I do) this is ESSENTIAL viewing. And she looks fantastic too, in her absolute prime. (Don’t forget that she made No 18 in my Spanked-in-Movies Hotlist. Probably should have been higher!).

And even though a much deserved spanking No 3 doesn’t quite happen, Stefanie gets a great over the shoulder carry from Maunder with her famous twice-spanked denim clad rump satisfyingly presented to the long suffering viewer.

You can start watching Zee here

5 thoughts on “Stefanie Powers in Lancer”

  1. Good to see that clip of Stefanie Powers again, from “Lancer.” I had (maybe still have) a VHS clip of the scene, but I never shared it because it is very dark and blurred. Always hoped to someday find a sharper copy.

    As for Miss Powers being spanked in TWO different films — “McLintock” (1963) and “Lancer” (1969) — I noticed that, with her, it seems that TWO SWATS is the most she will take.

    Although both her screen spankings seem lengthy, a closer look will show that, on screen, she never receives more than two (2) swats. The rest of the scene is closeups and reaction shots; no more than twice will milady Stefanie tolerate her bum be smacked.

    But she may have enjoyed playing this sort of scene. In one of her many “Hart to Hart” appearances, she and her co-star Robert Wagner are somehow involved in a masquerade party, and they dress as Laurel and Hardy. In the final scene, Wagner reaches out and gives Stefanie two playful swats on her rump. She giggles. The end.


  2. Thanks Dan. If you’ve never shared the clip that probably explains why it’s remained so scarce (it’s not even on any internet databases).

    I tracked the Hart to Hart scene down on Youtube:

    9 mins 25 secs

    Always thought that Stefanie “Two Swats” Powers should have got another otk spanking in this show.

  3. From a reader via email:

    “You are still full of (delightful) surprises.
    Getting a good look at the jeans-clad behind of Stefanie Powers made my day. And I don’t think I knew that she was spanked a second time.

    I seem to remember another great “over-the-shoulder”-scene from “Cheers” where Kirsti Alley gets throws over Tom Berenger’s shoulder and given a hearty slap on her behind as she is carried out of the bar.

    Keep up the great work.”

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