Whoops Baghdad

And talking of over-the-shoulder lifts (see previous Spank Statement):

Another very spankable lady of this era was Hilary Pritchard who had a marvelous sexy voice and in my opinion just about the best bottom I have ever seen! If you ever see ‘Whoops Baghdad’ starring Frankie Howerd her bottom is brilliantly showcased as she is put over the shoulder of Derek Francis – so effectively you are seeing her bent over in a harem outfit – might well get the dvd of the series when I get some spare cash!

Martyn sent me these thoughts in an email recently – the era in question being the early 1970s. So today, with the help of Harry who kindly sent me the stills and WordPress’ awesome slideshow feature, I’ve arranged a little surprise for him.

The guy is actually Alan Curtis, who was the regular heavy in Frankie Howerd shows.(Derek Francis played her father.) Harry said he couldn’t resist capturing the last one with hand and bottom in shot together, but the former never makes contact with the latter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3 thoughts on “Whoops Baghdad”

  1. Great.A wonderful sketch of British humour.

    I didn’t think we could get a DVD of the series. Is it’Up Pompii’?
    I’d be grateful if you could let me know if this series is on DVD

  2. Hi Edwin,
    Glad you liked the slideshow. Whoops Baghdad was very similar to Up Pompeii with the setting moved from Ancient Rome to medieval Baghdad. However, it only had a single series of six episodes and is little remembered. Except by Martyn!

    Yes I think it’s available on DVD

  3. From Martyn,

    Thanks Valdor and Harry for this contribution – the slide show really show cases Hilary’s perfect bottom .. well perfectly!

    Last week after watching the excellent ‘over the shoulder’ carry of Stefanie Powers it triggered my memory of this scene that I had only seen once, by chance, when i accidentally had UK Gold on the TV one morning. I thought I would try and find it on Youtube and amazingly all 6 episodes of Whoops Baghdad had been loaded up in 10 minute sections. Luckily i remembered that the episode i had seen was the last of the series so quickly hunted down the relevant scene. It was a bit blurry – unlike the excellent shots in the slide show, but it was there for all to see. sadly, now it isn’t i checked before writing this and the poster of the series has been suspended.

    It’s a great shame that Hilary died at a comparatively young age (54), on the Isle of Man which is where she had originally come from. All i can say is – thanks for the memories Hilary!

    Thanks again V & H


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