More Shakespeare

I’m sure you remember the “Spankbotty Shakespeare” act that was featured on Britain’s Got More Talent earlier this year. That performance was toned down for a family friendly television audience, but now for the first time online you can watch a full version of the act as performed in late night comedy clubs. It’s a seven minute long extravaganza with a pair of comely maidens being taught an unforgettable lesson in the rhythmic power of the iambic pentameter. (With a bit of luck this one might even keep Father Jon happy!)

Many thanks to the great man himself, Mr Jonathan Hartman, for tipping me off about the video. If there’s any justice, the entertainment industry will reward his comedic talents with plenty more TV appearances in the future.

5 thoughts on “More Shakespeare”

  1. Yes, well, I enjoyed that although Jonathan could have laid it on a bit harder. He’s a good performer. Does he get to spank those lovely chicks in that club every night?


  2. Well, I guess there’s a limit to how much spanking a lass can take in a week. I wonder if Jonathan ever needs a stand-in?


    1. I would like to see more dramatic developmnent.
      For instance the contrasting speeches from Shylock and Portia in Thw Merchant of Venice. First the accusation by Shylock against Antonio with Jonathan at the giving end; and then Portia responds with “The quality of mercy is not strained” with Jonathan at the receiving end of an ironic spanking from his former pupil now crossdressed as a “learned judge”. That would be yummy…. and “true justice”.
      And then there is the Taming of the Shrew with Catherine spanking Bianca, then Petruchio and finally Petruchio spanking Catherine. On bliss!

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