Blas Gallego

Born and based in Spain, Blas Gallego is one of the European grandmasters of pin-up art, both in illustration and comics.

He was most active as an erotic comic artist during the 1980s when he contributed to Dossier Negro and Penthouse amongst many other publications. ‘The Spanking Good Tales of Dolly first appeared in the Spanish adult comic Totem, el Comix.
Unlike the similar Eric Stanton who also worked for Penthouse and often featured CP in his work, Gallego doesn’t seem to have had much of an interest in this theme. Dolly, most disappointingly, isn’t shown being spanked at all, but the octopus cover is still an all time classic. There is one amusing Dolly tale with an S/M theme however (see second picture below).
I’ve included a few more tales in which Dolly’s voluptuous bottom makes an appearance. The final ape drawing is the closest I’ve found to an OTK picture by Gallego.

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