Åsa Sjöberg

Many thanks to The Spank Statement’s Swedish reporter who sent me this great video clip, and also supplied the following information:

“Her name is Åsa Sjöberg, the show was called “Prat om sex” (Sextalk) and the guest who beat her was an (in)famous Danish priest/minister called Ingrid Monsen who was well known for three things:

  1. She was a lesbian.
  2. She was into S&M.
  3. She lived – at the time – with an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl.

In the clip, she says that she beats her girlfriend with a carpetbeater and “there are days when she has a hard time sitting at school.”

I liked her a lot. She was fun and outrageous. But she seems to have disappeared. I can’t find her on google…well, her heyday was the early nineties…

Ms Sjöberg on the other hand got rid of a rather bimbo-ish image and is now program director at the second largest tv-company in Sweden.”

11 thoughts on “Åsa Sjöberg”

  1. I wonder if the 18 year old girlfriend told her classmates that she had gotten a spanking at home.

    What a great find, Valdor. Perhaps your Swedish correspondent could say something about spanking culture in Sweden in general.

    We know they’ve banned the spanking of children. But I wonder, is that in part because they recognize its erotic nature?

  2. Very disappointing. Opportunities missed again. Why not lower the blonde’s knickers and give it to her on the bare, with gusto!
    I would far rather see her use a strap on the nude gracing the background.


  3. Karl: My Swedish friend (who prefers not to leave comments) has told me lots about attitudes to spanking in Sweden and especially the use of the carpetbeater in Scandinavian countries. I’ll definitely consider doing a post on the subject in future.

    FJ Be careful – the nude girl in the background looks like she doesn’t take any prisoners!

  4. Anonymous writes by email:

    It’s been years since I saw the Åsa Sjoberg-clip, but I always thought it was funny that the priest, Ingrid Monsen, explains everything. And she is especially funny when she holds up the carpetbeater made of pleated cane and says:
    “This is for oldfashioned upbringing.”
    Then she holds up the one made of plastic and says:
    “And this is for modern upbringing.”

  5. as i recall spankimg [lay on of hands] was illegal in sweden. maybe that was just for children.

    valdor…the article sounds good.

    ah well…i yust learned how to say yelly……


  6. I’m pretty sure consensual spanking between adults isn’t covered by the anti-smacking legislation in Sweden.

    Sounds like your Swedish accent is even worse than mine, ddon!

  7. Ingrid Marten Monsen is a minister for the parishes Agersø and Omø in Denmark. Rather infamous and atm. living at Omø (where she’s popular) since she’s being attacked physically when visiting Agersø (where she’s unpopular for reasons I don’t grasp) without proper protection.

  8. Hi

    thanks for your comment. This article might be of interest to you:


    I also wrote a post about it here:


    Hopefully the “storm” has started to blow over and she can now carry out her duties on both islands without any fears for her own safety. Please let me know if you here anything more about it.


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