Make Your Girlfriend Naughty

A nice kink-based photoshoot from the current issue of Zoo magazine featuring a model called Kitty Lea. The text on the second row left picture reveals why Kitty Lea loves spankings and has some advice for readers who are trying it for the first time:

Why I Love It.

It’s the ultimate in role play. You can be the sexy teacher and your lady can be the naughty schoolgirl. The rush of blood, the fact you’re doing something outrageously naughty and that it’s a bit perverse all make it feel fantastic.

How to Convince the Missus

Don’t go straight in for the kill. If she’s a bit daunted by being tied up, you can ease her into it by holding her hands together, that way she’ll know wether she’s up for more or not. As for spanking, start by using your hand gently – then you can move onto paddles or soft whips if she likes it

As a bonus, I’ve included another Zoo page from this year’s Wimbledon themed shoot that I didn’t get round to posting at the time.

6 thoughts on “Make Your Girlfriend Naughty”

  1. I have a good friend who owns a newsagency. He gives me regular free copies of all those raunchy mags when they go out-of-date.
    I’ve often noticed that models frequently say they like being spanked and have fantasies around spanking, bondage, caning etc.
    Interesting the way that we’re slowly coming round to becoming ‘mainstream’.

    Please God, can I stay alive a little bit longer???? Go on, say yes!


  2. I get out of date magazines too, but at a reduced price, not free!

    Lad’s mags used to be more vanilla than an explosion in a Madagascan ice-cream factory. Nowadays they have shoots such as this and the ‘Santa spanking’ Loaded cover that I posted last Christmas.

    Showing M/F spanking still seems to be a taboo though…

  3. Yeah, I still haven’t found anyone to explain to me why the majority of media spankings nowadays are F/F. What ever became of the time-honored image of a strong male putting his naughty lady over his knee and teaching her a lesson she will not soon forget?

    M/F spankings were the first kind I encountered. They were in the movies, they were in comic books, they even appeared as illustrations in women’s magazines. But it’s a lesbo world now. Seems that today’s ladies want to be spanked, but only by other ladies. That kind of stinks.


  4. Yes Dan, that’s puzzled me too. I get no turn-on from F/f spanking stuff yet it seems to predominate now. I can only put it down to the usual takeover by the femonazis.

    One would think there’d be no shortage of good men willing to deliver the goods to young women in spanko movies, either for money or free. I’d certainly be up for it, being an ex-teacher from the caning era, and I’d do it for a cup of tea and a biscuit 🙂


  5. Spanking is one of those things that has been subject to awsome misconceptions and abuse. Spanking is where nature meets the grace of character betterment. It’s all about learning and discipline, and growing up in wisdom. The bad habits are unlearned at the bottom, which is the God’s nature-designed place to unlearn them. Once the birch rod wraps itself over the uplifted naked buttocks, with the full authority of the swishing force, the message “Don’t do it again” gets registered in the brain, slowly but inexorably. It is extremely sad when this vital training role of spanking is obscured by pornography. This is when spanking, rather than “abuse, is abused!

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