What Top Celebrities Really Think About Their Bottoms – Gemma Arterton


Curvy British actress Gemma Arterton first came to our attention as the headgirl of St Trinians. Now the press are accusing her of hypocrisy after saying she she has nearly walked off very big films because:

“I would rather work with people that don’t just see me as a piece of ass.”

Hmm…I really can’t think how they came to that conclusion…

gemmaartertonbikini 001gemmaartertonbikini 002

But instead of moaning about it, she could always just turn the other cheek!

gemmaartertonjeans 003gemmajeans 002

Let’s face it, she’s pretty good at doing that!

gemmartertongq 001

Especially in her latest film Tamara Drewe where she parades her prize asset in a pair of ultra-tight Daisy Duke shorts.

gemmaartertonshortsgemmaartertonshorts 002

“Hypocrisy…my arse!”

4 thoughts on “What Top Celebrities Really Think About Their Bottoms – Gemma Arterton”

  1. Always have to laugh when these women who parade around wearing next to nothing complain about being noticed for their “assets.”
    She’s another one who needs to be left unable to sit in comfort on what she is showing off!

  2. Why do so many spanking commentators express such hostility towards the women they want to spank? I like Gemma Arterton, though of course I have never met her and have no idea how she is as a person. It’s a peculiarity of my sexual psychology that, *because* I like her, I want to see her getting soundly and nonconsensually spanked. If I felt the way others here profess to feel about her, I wouldn’t be interested.

    I hope it’s not only because I like her that I object to an injustice being done to her. The words she is quoted as saying in no way support a charge of hypocrisy. She says she doesn’t want to be thought of as *just* a piece of ass. She has, broadly speaking, two major assets: intelligence and beauty – acting ability and ass. She does not say that she wants to deny her physical attributes, only that she wants to work with people who also value her other assets. Is that so unreasonable? Anyone who has accused her of hypocrisy owes her an apology.

    And after that, she can have a good spanking too…

  3. I like Gemma Arterton too, but while the charges of hypocrisy may not deserve to stick, I think she’s guilty of choosing the wrong moment to make her point at the very least, (she said in the same interview that there are currently “pictures of her in those f***ing shorts all over Paris” ) and perhaps a bit of naivety about how her remarks would be (mis) represented.

    Maybe, what she needs (apart from a spanking) is a Dennis Pennis style spoofing:

    “Gemma, if it wasn’t gratuitous in any way and it was tastefully done, would you consider keeping your bottom covered up in a movie?” 🙂

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