Sugar Rush – What Happens Next

Sugar RushI was asked a while back what happens in Sugar Rush after the spanking scene (which was voted the fifth greatest of the last decade in a Spank Statement poll).

It’s a good question and many of you may not even be aware that there’s a second spanking scene in Sugar Rush. In fact, if you’ve only seen the Olivia Hallinan OTK-in-school-uniform clip then you’ve barely seen the half of it. So I’ve uploaded four short clips showing ALL the extras related to the spanking storyline.

First clip: After Kim’s parents come home and find their daughter being spanked, the next scene is an awkward family meal in which the silences speak volumes. There’s a short flashback to the spanking which shows a shot of Kim’s face that’s NOT in the original.

Second clip: The action then cuts to a prison for young offenders where Kim is visiting her friend Sugar. Sugar disapproves of her relationship with the older woman – especially their spanking antics! She warns Kim that she is being used. Kim rejects this and says that she’ll be seeing Anna again. Sugar taunts her:

What’s she going to do this time? GIVE YOU THE CANE!!

Third clip: When Kim meets Anna again in the club, she has acquired a different girlfriend. Kim is devastated. She feels she has been used, just as Sugar had warned her. Kim is crying in her bedroom when her father comes in with her laundry…including THAT uniform. He apologises for throwing Anna out and over reacting. He tells her:

I’ve ironed your uniform…just in case you need it!

Fourth clip: Kim visits Sugar again, and while the pair put their differences behind them, the scene suddenly jumps to Kim’s frustrated mother dressed as a sexy schoolgirl. She bends over and says to to her hapless husband (who is doing the housework):

Sir, I forgot to do my homework, you’re not going to SPANK me are you?

No actual swats are shown. Then we hear Sugar consoling Kim:

You’re gonna be fine. I’m always here for you and no one is going to get in the way unless…YOU FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO SPANK YOU IN DETENTION YOU FILTHY COW!

Chross has combined all my clips into one here. And don’t forget that Olivia Hallinan was also threatened with a spanking in period drama Lark Rise to Candleford.

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