David Divine’s Boy on a Dolphin

This extract from the library of Murray Roberts comes from a 1955 novel which was made into a film starring Sophia Loren, Alan Ladd, and Clinton Webb. Needless to say, the scene in which La Loren would have been publicly spanked on the seat of her wet bathing costume didn’t make it onto the screen.

Murray writes:

Pero Loutros, a 19 year old blonde Greek beauty, and her boyfriend Guido, have been sabotaging Calder and Madden’s attempts to recover a 2000 year old statue from a sunken wreck.

As deception follows deception, Calder’s patience finally snaps…..

Boy on a Dolphin 001

Boy on a Dolphin 002

Boy on a Dolphin 003

Alas for Pero, a young goatherd has seen everything. He tells his sister, and poor Pero is driven to distraction by the overly sympathetic commiseration of the young women of the island, while Calder is embarrassed – but only slightly – by their overt admiration!

2 thoughts on “David Divine’s Boy on a Dolphin”

  1. Agreed. The extravagance of that description would take some beating. But who hasn’t watched a lady climbing out of water onto a boat or poolside and thought “Wow! What a tempting target!” So you can’t blame the guy for getting a touch carried away at that point!

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