Santa Barbara

I’ve uploaded a video that I think is a pretty rare scene that not many of you will have seen before. It’s from the 1980s American soap Santa Barbara.

Wikipedia reveals that Nancy Lee Grahn plays Julia an intelligent, uncompromising lawyer who has a Tracy/Hepburn-esque romance with Mason Capwell. (Off screen, Grahn was briefly involved with Mason’s portrayer actor Lane Davies.)

It’s one of those spankings that doesn’t quite happen, but it’s an epic confrontation…

9 thoughts on “Santa Barbara”

  1. This is a FANTASTIC find! It’s almost like, hmm, well, it’s almost hotter that there’s no actual spanking, and more of a delicious chase, the threat and a tease in a highly sexualized charged scene.

    Great find–thanks for sharing this šŸ™‚

    Dave šŸ™‚

  2. Lisa: Formulaic? Too right…Kiss Me Kate with shoulderpads šŸ™‚

    FatherJon: You need to tell that to the politically correct media crowd, not me. Thankfully these days, as has been said many times before on this site, it’s no longer quite so unacceptable to show swats actually landing. (See Weeds etc)

    Governor: Yup…you didn’t dream it! Was this a daytime soap? (We used to get Dallas/Dynasty here in the UK but not this one).

    Dave: Thanks for the upbeat commentary. Interesting that they chose a “yuppie” character for the spanking – not a typical soap dolly bird. I’d say honours are even in this very 1980s battle of the sexes. He makes his point and she retains her dignity…but only just!

    And doesn’t she look a lot like legendary screen spankee Stefanie Powers?

    Chross: Thanks for including this in your Spankings of the Week. šŸ™‚

  3. Yes, that ‘Weeds’ spanking in the mayor’s car was very nice, although the panties remained in situ. I wonder if there were any more in that series.

    There’s also a brief bare bottom spanking in one of the episodes of ‘Californication’ if you can locate it. The secretary bares her own bottom before going over the boss’s lap for a couple of smacks.


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