St Mackenzies

It must be at least a few months since SCHOOLGIRL!! uniforms were featured on this site so better put that right quick before I get thrown out of the Union of Spanko Bloggers.

stmackenzies 004

These pictures are from St Mackenzies, a paysite based on a “school for young ladies”, which takes the sexy schoolgirl trope a step further than the recent St Trinians films.

It’s not a true spanking or fetish site, but the uniforms have a timeless appeal, and the girls are very attractive so what’s not to like? Especially when the models aren’t shy to use some of the props lying around as spanking implements!

amygreen 001

Take a close look at the girl whose pert cheeks are at the mercy of that ruler. Look familiar?

amygreen 002amygreen 003

It’s none other than our old friend Amy Green who was shown getting an otk spanking on the cover of Loaded last Christmas. (small world huh?)

miss-elise-1misselise 002

One of the teachers is called Miss Elise and she’s responsible for DISCIPLINE! Her methods seem to be quite traditional and just the sort of thing that should have been in the St Trinians films.

In this shoot, “a naughty pupil has had to take extra Maths lessons and, not impressed with being kept back, she thinks throwing paper balls at Miss Elise is a good idea. She soon regrets this as Miss Elise decides to get out her cane…”

stmackenzies 005

stmackenzies 002

stmackenzies 001stmackenzies

I’m sure there are plenty more similar pics to be found for anyone wanting to sign up. I’d like to see more from this set, it looks quite promising.


And the model (Holly Newberry) reminds me a bit of Tamsin Egerton who played the posh but dim Chelsea in the St Trinians remakes. She’s got the legs for it too as you can see in the top picture (she’s the one spanking Amy Green with the ruler).

3 thoughts on “St Mackenzies”

  1. Although I wouldn’t call it a classic, the Kathy Griffin picture I posted last week was M/F.

    But when you think about it, fetish spanking photgraphy has ALWAYS been dominated by F/F. You won’t find many pictures of Bettie Paige being spanked by a man.

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