Emma Stone in Easy A

Emma Stone, who went OTK in House Bunny, is now starring in new teen flick Easy A – “a high-school comedy that comes on both sassy and cute.” – much like Emma herself then! In fact, according to one review “Stone is a comic firecracker, loveable and razor sharp… in a way that makes Lindsay Lohan’s turn in Mean Girls look bland!” As you can see from the poster, there’s no shortage of potential reasons for Emma to get a spanking in this movie!


First thing to report is that Emma does get sent to the principal’s office (Hooray!)! But she ends up with just a detention (boo!) where she meets Brandon (Dan Byrd), a gay teen struggling with his sexuality and getting the crap kicked out of him in school. He convinces her to stage a faux sex session at a big high school party so that the kids will think he’s a stud.

“The scene, which has them moaning, SPANKING, screaming, and jumping on the bed behind closed doors as their shocked peers listen in from the outside, is absolutely raucous and will go down as a classic scene in teen comedy history.” (philly2philly.com)

This video shows some of the scene (35 secs). Unfortunately it’s Emma spanking Dan Byrd with a slipper. She doesn’t hold back either!

The Spank Statement doesn’t normally feature F/M scenes, but I thought this scene was well worth making an exception for. Who knows, they might even switch – anybody actually seen this movie? Either way, Emma Stone goes down in history as an actress who has given and received a spanking in movies.

Is that right Emma?


Emma Stone in Easy A

2 thoughts on “Emma Stone in Easy A”

  1. A good surprise indeed. I enjoyed it although I didn’t think it was anywhere close to a classic such as Mean Girls which was more witty and funny. Emma Stone does come through in a big way so it will be interesting see if she can play other characters than the sassy offbeat young lady. Good review, check out mine when you can!

  2. US ‘teent spanky’ stuff does nothing for me. But I liked the Maggie Gyllenhaal references. She certainly did a lot for womenhood everywhere in that movie 🙂

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