Downton Abbey

“Her Laydyship’s big sore bottom” is a search term that was used by someone arriving on this site last week. Presumably the same person also tried his luck with “Her ladyship’s big sore arse” and “Her ladyship’s big sore bum”. It gave me a bit of a chuckle, and I was trying to find something that might interest this particular visitor (who is clearly someone after my own heart!).

I was struggling to think of much…until this week’s episode of costume drama Downton Abbey came to the rescue!

When Lady Sybil attends a political rally without permission, she gets a good telling off from her father at the dinner table. Back in the kitchen, the gleeful servants speculate about what punishment the headstrong Lady Sybil, the youngest of Lord Grantham’s three daughters, might be about to receive…

The visitor who was searching for oversized red aristocratic rumps probably ended up reading this post about a lingerie ad in which a Lady of the Manor spanks her naughty maids. If you watch the Downton Abbey clip to the end, you’ll see that the title of this earlier post is used in a line spoken by the housekeeper, and I’ve used it as the title of the above YouTube clip too.

Downton Abbey

As you can see from the picture, the drama features a fine line up of naughty maids and plenty of severe butlers and housekeepers to keep an eagle eye on them. There’s definitely some latent gingerism going on in this production. Whilst the ladies of the house are all sexy blondes or sultry brunettes, the maids all seem to be played by redheads. A top candidate for a spanking is Daisy the scullery maid played by red-haired Sophie McShera (you can see her in the clip) who is constantly on the end of a tongue-lashing from the grumpy cook.

Another maid, Gwen, played by red-haired Rose Leslie, absconds to apply for another job. When trying to hitch a lift back on a horse and cart, she falls flat on her face in a puddle. Julian Fellowes’ script failed to follow through what happened when she returned to the house with her clothes all covered in mud, but a scenario something like this Brian Tarsis drawing (which I’ve used before) would have been just perfect.


Strictly speaking, it should have been another smacked bottom for Lady Sybil too, because she helped Gwen in her illicit attempt to break free of a life in service.

The rebellious Lady Sybil is played by Jessica Brown-Findlay in her first major television role. She was named in Vanity Fair as “a new talent to watch” and has been tipped in Screen International as ‘the new Keira Knightley ‘.


Heading the right way for a….

She is shortly to appear in a movie called Albatross: “A coming-of-age drama in which she takes the lead as a headstrong teenager with writing ambitions.”

Headstrong again! Yes she clearly is one to keep an eye on!

4 thoughts on “Downton Abbey”

  1. A fine bit of imagination there. Pity they couldn’t do updated remakes featuring a bit of old-fashioned discipline below stairs.

    I seem to think this is an old series from years ago.


  2. Thanks Father Jon. This is a brand new series, but it’s very similar to Upstairs Downstairs which is what you might be thinking of. There was a light spanking in that too for one of the Ladyships played by the lovely Leslie Anne Down.

  3. I love that beautiful drawing of the master of the house, caning the naughty woman on her bare bottom, as the whole household watches. Those were the ‘good olde days’. when any female that erred in the lower class her duties, or in the upper class her decorum. Their old-fashioned bloomer’s were taken down, and humiliatingly caned.

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