Upstairs Downstairs

In the comments to my previous Spank Statement, I mentioned that Downton Abbey is very like the 1970s TV classic Upstairs Downstairs and a timely piece in today’s Telegraph riffs extensively on the same theme.

Writer Alison Pearson compares Downton’s “rebellious” Lady Sybil (I seem to recall using that word too!) to Lesley-Anne Down’s character in the older series:

“As for the lushly beautiful and rebellious Lady Sibyl, she even looks like Lesley-Anne Down, who played rebellious Lady Georgina 40 years ago.”

As I was saying to Father Jon in the comments, the rebellious Lady Georgina really did get the smacked bottom she deserved.

upstairsdownstairs 002

Lesley-Anne should have had her drawers pulled Down

There’s also some choice words to describe Daisy:

“The Crawleys’ delightfully gormless kitchen maid Daisy is a rehash of the Bellamy family’s delightfully gormless Ruby.”


From Downton Abbey to Waterloo Road: Sophie McShera effortlessly spans 100 years of spankability (or delightful gormlessness if you prefer to call it that): BTW she’s actually 24 (!) in case you were wondering.

Years ago, I used to have a naked picture of Lesley-Ann Down lying on her side in a very similar pose to the one used on the header of this blog (although she was looking round over her shoulder so you could see her face). I think she’d done a shoot for a porn magazine which then got plastered all over the tabloids when she became famous. The picture was a big favourite of mine and I’ve looked for it online without success. Can anyone help? I’ll use it as a new header if a reader can come up with it.

5 thoughts on “Upstairs Downstairs”

  1. Thanks a lot! What a true beauty Lesley-Anne was as that fantastic collection of pictures posted by Argonaut proves. And the magazine was Mayfair – (I remember it now!)

    I have visited the vintage erotica forum before and you’re right about the quality thereof. In fact, I’ll add a link to it on my blogroll.

    And use the picture as promised!

    thanks again 🙂

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