Lesley-Anne Down

Many thanks to Colin for reuniting me with my long lost Lesley-Anne Down pictures, which I haven’t seen for nigh on 30 years or more! So now I can share with you the bottom that was all too lightly swatted with a newspaper in Upstairs Downstairs! (see post below).

Colin made me feel a bit inadequate by pointing out that it took him all of 5 seconds to come up with the pictures, but I’ve realised I was spelling her name wrong which probably didn’t help with my search results. (I’ve now corrected all the mis-spellings in the previous post.)

Although the quality of the scans isn’t perhaps the highest, the pose is perfect for a new banner. I normally make a change around the end of the year anyway, so I’ll do it then if I don’t get round to it sooner.

Lesley-Anne shouldn’t have been able to sit Down

There are lots more pictures of Lesley-Anne on this thread on the Vintage Erotica forum.

And just to pad this post out a bit further, I’ve thought of a couple more Ladyships with big/sore bottoms:

If it’s BIG you’re after, how could I forget the distinguished Lady Penelope of Thunderbirdshire…as played by Sophia Myles!? Anyone watching the BBC drama Spooks in which she is currently starring might appreciate being reminded of this old Spank Statement.


Sophia Myles as Beth Bailey in Spooks

When the autumn run of Spooks started, I read an interview with Sophia Myles which said that her first TV credit was The Prince and the Pauper in which she played Lady Jane Grey.

If it’s SORE you’re after, this is one Lady who truly did get a red arse both historically and in the film Lady Jane. There’s usually a birching in The Prince and the Pauper too, but it’s the Prince (or at least his “whipping boy”) that gets it, not Lady Jane.

Another thing I learned from the interview was that Sophia Myles was discovered by Julian Fellowes the creator of Downton Abbey. Apparently, he visited her exclusive London girl’s school on a (ahem) talent scouting mission. He picked her as his Lady Jane and as a result she owes her entire career to him.

All we need now is Fellowes to cast his former protegee in another one of his costume dramas, (the second series of Downton would be ideal) script a spanking scene, and then perhaps we’ll be allowed a close up shot of Her Ladyship’s Big Sore Bottom!

2 thoughts on “Lesley-Anne Down”

  1. Oops, sorry that I made you feel inadequate. My intention was to highlight how good that Vintage Erotica Forum is. Their Classic Celebs thread is in my Favs list hence “5 seconds”.
    Yours is one of my favourite and most visited blogs because you do such a great job of it and I certainly wouldn’t insult you deliberately.
    I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.

  2. that’s ok Colin – I only meant that remark in a light-hearted, self deprecating kind of way – no offence taken at all 🙂

    On the contrary I was delighted that you let me know where to find the pictures and thrilled to see them again after all this time. They’re proving a popular click too so I know I’m not the only one.

    Thanks for your kind words, and I’ve now added a link to the Vintage Erotica forum on the blogroll.

    all the best


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