Unnatural Causes – Lost Property

HA-LE-LU-JA! One of Martyn’s long lost spankings has turned up! God bless the power of the blogosphere and the generosity of Steve in particular who gets a massive hat tip for sending me the clip.

I’ve now uploaded it to YouTube so Martyn and the rest of you can see this rare treasure. It’s pretty much just as Martyn described in his post from September last year bar one or two minor details. John Duttine doesn’t actually cane Miranda Richardson but, as Martyn promised, it’s a very intense and gripping scene overall. You can read Martyn’s memories and Harry’s extract from the book of the series here.

Don’t forget, if you have a “lost” spanking scene that you would love to see again you can always try writing to me about it. You never know where it might lead!

3 thoughts on “Unnatural Causes – Lost Property”

  1. From Martyn via email:

    Never thought that I would see that again! The first scene when he was playfully tying her to the cloakroom hooks must have happened earlier in the play, asi have no recollection of it but didn’t see the play from the beginning. It’s strange to think, that this brilliant type of drama, was was a staple of Saturday night viewing back in the 80’s – now all we get is reality shows! I noticed the cane weals on john’s face, i had forgotten that she had slashed him across the face with the cane just prior to him tying her up for her punishment. what a shame he didn’t carry out his threat – great acting, i loved the look on her face when she asked him to ‘do it’ – it was obvious, that although tied up she was still completely in control. You can image how intense that scene would have been if you had seen the whole play – which was building up the tension minute by minute. not forgetting that back in the 80s a scene like this on TV like this was as rare as hen’s teeth – no internet back then (worse luck!)

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