Pat Boone’s American Dream

This video is from a new documentary called American Dream that was shown on TV here last week. One of the contributors was Pat Boone the country singer who spanked his daughters well into their late teens.

I’ve uploaded the whole Boone interview but the on topic part, in which he is shown appearing on a chat show with Hugh Heffner, begins at 2.00.

Pat Boone 002 001 0001

Anyone know who the attractive lady sitting next to Pat is?

7 thoughts on “Pat Boone’s American Dream”

  1. Today Pat Boone would be considered an abuser.
    Besides his music sucked! It got played because radio stations wanted cleancut white boy artists instead of black musicians like Chuck Berry, or Elvis with his pelvis-shaking rebel image.

  2. Ironic that the voiceover describes him as “gentle” just after he’d threatened to leave red marks on his daughter’s bottom. Maybe they thought he was joking!

    I read somewhere that when Elvis became popular, Pat did an album of covers of his songs. Without the pelvis-shaking presumably!!

  3. It was indeed Barbi Benton, who was Hugh Hefner’s longtime girlfriend as well as a Playboy playmate. As to Pat Boone, his music did indeed suck. Boone did a lot of (inferior) covers of Little Richard songs and appeared in a few films in the ’50s and early ’60s. He still insists that America has always been a Christian nation, despite the fact that most of America’s founding fathers were Deists, not Christians. His repeated references through the years about spanking his late-teen daughters seem to suggest that his motivation was perhaps not wholly religiously inspired!

  4. Christian nation? I wonder if Mr. Boone knew (or knows) that Barbi Benton is Jewish (nee Barbara Klein).

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