What Top Celebrities Really Think About Their Bottoms – Karren Brady

 “My bum and I have had a hate ­relationship for 40 years. I’d like it cut off. I need a bum lift, and by that I mean someone who walks around behind me lifting it up. My grandmother used to say, “You can put a cup of tea on that.” It’s like a shelf. My husband loves it, though. He says people would die for a bum like mine.”

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One of my favourite shows reaches it’s climax this weekend with the final of The Apprentice. The quote is from an interview Karren Brady gave to The Observer just after it was announced that she was to become Lord Sugar’s assistant in the latest series. So far she’s kept her bottom pointed well away from the TV camera. Couldn’t find any pictures of it on the net either. ( I did once see a picture of her in The Sun wearing a short skirt with the caption “Does my Brum look big in this!?” )

I personally thought that the lovely Liz Locke deserved to get through to the final. The best moment from the whole series came when one team leader threatened to “smack bums”. Guess who’s rather nervous reaction the camera just happened to focus upon?

2 thoughts on “What Top Celebrities Really Think About Their Bottoms – Karren Brady”

  1. These are My People and I can see all of their bottoms now. I can also see your bottom naughty as can be. You are naughty if you discuss other bottoms than your own. You deserve to get spanked.

    Bare your bottom for me for you are naughty.

    Bare your bottom and get over my knee.

    Tell me that you Love me for I am Man

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