Ana Beatriz Barros

Probably the most high-profile bottom in the UK at the moment belongs to the model Ana Beatriz Barros. It’s all thanks to a Christmas TV advert in which she appears alongside a host of other celebrity names. The disco-themed ad for Marks and Spencer has music by The Bee Gees and, most importantly, Ana modelling the clothing chain’s skimpy underwear range – in triplicate!

abb 001

At one point, the three A-B-Bs turn and stick their A-S-Ses out towards the camera. It’s more Agent Provocateur than trusty old M&S but who’s complaining?

abb 002

And what a perfect excuse to revive an old Christmas ad starring the Brazilian beauty. You’re probably familiar with the picture of Santa Claus spanking Ana from Cosmo magazine 2007, but there are a lot of poor quality, heavily cropped versions of it knocking around the net.

So I thought I’d post the FULL photoshoot in HQ!

As well as the spanking pic, we get Ana being stripped and molested (in the nicest possible way) by a pair of elves. There’s one of Santa checking his list with Ana on his knee too – and guess who’s been very naughty indeed? Don’t know who they got to play Santa, but I like the way he looks genuinely cross.

It couldn’t be the real one…could it?

It’s been a great year here on The Spank Statement with some encouraging signs of growth in visitor numbers. Viewing stats for the last two months have both been all time highs and a new record for views in a single day was set in November too. So thanks to everyone who has joined in the fun during 2010. I’m going to try a new look for 2011 so if you notice some strange things happening it’s only me tinkering around with the settings.

There’s just one more thing to say…

3 thoughts on “Ana Beatriz Barros”

  1. We.. good old Marks and Sparks has certainly upped its dowdy image when I grew up over there.
    Maybe we should call it Marks and Suspenders.
    I like the spanking Santa too, we’re almost mainstream 🙂


    PS: This message field needs re-alignment

  2. Six of the Best and Father Jon: Thanks for your comments and glad you liked my Christmas post. I forgot to mention in the post that the Cosmo photos were taken by Ellen Von Unwerth a well known fetish/art phtographer.

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