A Storm in the Baltic

A helluva lot of famous – and some not so famous – people get mentioned here on The Spank Statement and to be honest Wikipedia is a constant companion in working out who half of them are! It’s interesting to check the search terms though to see which names are bringing in the most traffic from Google. Sometimes it’s not who you’d expect.

For example, in September/October the German actress Christine Kaufmann suddenly became very popular with lots of people reading this post about her from last January. I couldn’t understand why until the penny dropped that she used to be married to Tony Curtis who had recently died. She’d been mentioned in all the obituaries and people were googling her like crazy.

More recently this Spank Statement was getting a lot of visitors and I found out the reason last week when the website of Denmark’s national radio station linked to the post. It was reporting on a campaign to get the S&M enthusiast who demonstrated a range of spanking implements on a Swedish TV presenter removed from her position as a priest on the small island of Agersö in Denmark.

If your Danish is up to speed, you can read the full article here but this is a summary of the key points:

The people of Agersö have written to the head of the Danish church, saying they want their priest to be replaced. They did not like her sermon for the Lucia, (Dec 13th) and they DO NOT like that her name is linked to sites on the internet connected to S&M and spanking.

The island will now boycott her Christmas sermon.

“I did not think people like that were allowed to go free.” one islander is quoted as saying.

The priest also works at another island, Omö, where people have no complaints about her, saying: “At least we understand what she says, she speaks Danish. The last priest we had here was Norwegian.”

If this develops into a witch hunt and she is forced out of her post it will be no laughing matter. Hopefully the Danish church will stand by her in which case the only ones with a problem will be the narrow-minded islanders.

This is a chart of the top 20 trending (ie. brought in the most search engine traffic) names on the site for 2010 – Scandinavian lesbian priests NOT included!

  1. Charlotte Ross (American actress)
  2. Seren Gibson (British model)
  3. Jennie Jacques (British actress)
  4. Mary Louise Parker (American actress)
  5. Oksana Shachko (Ukrainian student activist)
  6. Vera Farmiga (Ukrainian actress)
  7. Jennifer Metcalfe (British actress)
  8. Jeanne Tripplehorn (American actress)
  9. Christine Kaufmann (German actress)
  10. Linda Kozlowski (American actress)
  11. Kate Silverton (British TV presenter)
  12. Rosie Jones (British model)
  13. Madeleine West (Australian actress)
  14. Jamie Murray (British actress)
  15. Sarah Silverman (American comedian)
  16. Amy Manson (British actress)
  17. Amy Adams (American actress)
  18. Samantha Woodley (American spanking model)
  19. Cyd Hayman (British Actress)
  20. Katy Perry (American singer)

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