Happy New Rear – Gillian Jacobs

gillian jacobs 001

She’s currently starring as Helena from the Wedding but to us she will always be remembered as Britta from the Community.

I’m talking about Gillian Jacobs of course who’s switching scene in the NBC comedy series was so well received back in good old 2010. The spanking was filmed entirely from the front and while this meant you could make the most of the great facial expressions, the downside was that you couldn’t see anything at all of her bottom.

Some screen caps from her latest film now reveal just what Nana Barnes was supposed to be dealing with. She’s wearing underwear in an intimate bathroom scene but at least the camera gets right behind her this time. She is nude in one sense – no make up.

gillianjacobs 0001 gillianjacobs 0002

gillianjacobs 0003 gillianjacobs 0004

In Helena From the Wedding, she plays the only single person at a New Years’ house party and the movie looks at how the married men react differently to attention and affection from the young Helena.

Wonder if any of them have severely disapproving grandmas!

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