Bottom Blushers

A recent exhibition at an East London gallery featured what are quite possibly the world’s first spanking PROSTHETICS!

bottomblushers 002

Arising from the point at which fetish meets art culture, GOD SPANK THE QUEEN was an interactive exhibition of photography, illustration and installation created by the British print designer and artist Bert Gilbert. With influences ranging from Monty Python to Marilyn Manson her work is described as:

Exploring anatomy, deformity and botany, making a collection of curiosities, whose horrible beauty and childlike interpretation transforms pain and trauma into installations and objects revealing a macabre and cathartic sense of humour.


The exhibits displayed here are known as Bottom Blushers and were commissioned by Sam Roddick, owner of the erotic emporium Coco de Mer. Available in both open and cup handed versions, they take the concept of designer spanking paddles to a whole new level. The smaller ones on the right of the picture are called Little Spankers.

The show also featured photography by Nathan Gallagher who contributed a couple of atmospheric sepia tinged shots of the bottom blushers being put to good use.

bottomblushers 003 bottomblushers 004

Photos from last November’s event reveal that there was a “spanking post” – presumably the interactive element of the exhibition. I haven’t come across any pictures of visitors being spanked at the post, just this shot of a model who is clearly poised and ready for action.

bottomblushers 0061

I did find a good picture from the after show party though. I believe the woman in the pink uniform who is “applying some blusher” is Bert Gilbert herself.

bottomblushers 001

The poster doesn’t gain many marks for originality and I’m not too convinced by how effective the bottom blushers would be as spanking implements but I do like the name. “You’ve been very naughty. Go and fetch the bottom blusher!” certainly has a nice ring to it.


God Spank The Queen

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