Champagne for Caesar

An off-screen spanking but there are plenty of finer points to appreciate about this scene from Champagne for Caesar which I think will be new to many of you. The 1950 comedy stars Ronald Colman as Beauregard Bottomley (the name is important) and Celeste Holm as femme fatale Flame O’Neal.

10 thoughts on “Champagne for Caesar”

  1. Off-screen “spankings” are always frustrating, but the one in “Champagne for Caesar” is the absolute worst. It has us expecting so much, when Colman picks up that hairbrush and beckons Celeste Holm to come over his knee… and then, nothing! To add insult to injury, the “no spanking” aftermath has Ms. Holm claiming she cannot sit down! WHY NOT, Celeste? You haven’t been spanked!


  2. Give it a rest, already. You’re getting tiresome.

    We all have our own preferences, but you’re the only one who feels the need to constantly tell the world that what you personally don’t like ought not to exist. Do you think that the whole point of this scene is to satisfy your personal desire to see an actress in actual pain? Celeste isn’t supposed to get spanked … Flame is. Ronald isn’t really mad … Beauregard is.

    Get over yourself.

  3. Sorry, js666… But I’m going to continue to call ’em as I see ’em.
    If a female is supposed to get spanked on screen, I expect the producers to have enough integrity to actually SHOW the spanking.
    We all know that in the movies’ Golden Age, producers would create publicity photos showing a spanking taking place, and distributing them to the media. Then, after you part with your money at the box office, you are in for a big let-down when there is NO spanking in the movie! Think of “My Dear Secretary,” “Behave Yourself,” and “Janie Gets Married.” All of them had publicity photos of the leading lady being spanked, but they were all fakes.

  4. Among the world’s problems, on a scale of one to ten, I’d rate that about a one-half.

    My point was that just because something disappoints you doesn’t mean you have to tell us all — every time. It’s getting so that whenever someone posts something, we say, “Now watch — Dan’s gonna complain.” It’s like being in a theater and having someone, at the most intense moments, shout, “Boo! Fake!”

    Of course it’s “fake.” Most things in drama are. Nobody died making “Titanic,” but that doesn’t take away from the thrill. If it weren’t “fake,” most people wouldn’t want to watch — and we’d worry about the ones who did. I’m not offended if they manage to show me something engrossing, something that lends itself to intense fantasy, without actually having to hurt someone.

    Apparently you don’t agree. We get it. But do we have to hear about it every time?

  5. I remember now being disappointed by this one when I was a kid. I don’t expect Celeste Holm to actually go home with a sore bottom after the day’s filming, but it is reasonable to expect the spanking be shown on-screen, which I think is the point Dan was trying to make. We can measure this film against others that actually showed the spanking on-screen (Look For The Silver Lining and Kiss Me Kate, for example) and find it wanting in comparison.

    Yes, it’s Flame (the character) and not Celeste (the actress) who’s supposed to be spanked, but that’s no reason not to show the spanking. It’s Hamlet and not the actor playing him who’s supposed to be stabbed with a poisoned rapier, but that doesn’t mean it’s o.k. to cut away from the scene at it’s most vital moment and just listen to the sound of a sword fight over a telephone the way Vincent Price listens to the spanking here. One of these approaches is simply better dramatically than the other.

    1. Apologies for the typo – should have been “at its most” instead of “at it’s most”. This mistake appears often enough without me making it worse.

  6. Sometimes the pleasure is in letting the imagination take over.
    It was the first spnking or non-spanking scene I ever saw and to this day it still remains a favorite.There is another cute cut at the end in which she forgets and sits down only to get up rather quickly.Another great end to a scene is in the Topper spanking.In that one Anne sits on a pillow but still winces in pain.

  7. Nick: thanks for your interesting comment. I’ll only add that both JS and Dan are both welcome on here as while they might not always see eye to eye they both have something in common – a great knowledge about our subject.

    Ray: I’ve had another look at the film and you’re right – at the very end of the scene she sits down and stands straight back up again. I’ll have to see if I can upload the FULL version. Thanks for the tip.

    I’ve never seen the Topper scene but it sounds good.

  8. I’ve uploaded a longer version of the clip. As Ray pointed out, Celeste Holm forgets about her sore bottom (which she hasn’t REALLY got) and tries unsuccessfully to sit down 🙂

    You can view it here

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