Carol’s Conundrum

Following on from the current Brit Bot of the Week seems a good moment to post a clip from the days when Carol Vorderman was the Countdown girl.

cvcanes 001

It’s a priceless exchange between Carol and co-host Des Lynam prompted by the word “canes” coming up on the letters board. Her little laugh right at the end says it all really.

When she appeared on Have I Got News for You, there was more joking (scripted this time) about her caning. You will notice a strange contradiction between the two clips. Hands or bottom – I don’t know if this has ever been explained, but the mystery doesn’t get in the way of a good excuse for some very grown up sniggering about Carol getting the cane. (“Whitely” is Richard Whiteley who presented the show with Carol for many years before his death in 2005.)

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