More Self Spanking

Another self-spanking clip, which bizarrely, I don’t recall seeing posted anywhere before. This intimate scene certainly seems to have been overshadowed by the more famous set piece spanking scenes in Secretary.

It’s clear that Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character doesn’t find spanking herself a very satisfying experience. Perhaps she should have consulted the spankingartwiki page on self-spanking for a few tips and extra info.

4 thoughts on “More Self Spanking”

  1. Shame on her for whatever it was she felt she needed that for! But good for her for facing up to it and chastizing herself. I have the feeling she’s going to need to give herself a lot more punishment, but she’s on the road to self forgiveness. Next time it should be bare.

  2. She’s so adorable and cute! Yes, she could be a little more strict with herself, but she’s off to a good start. It was probably just a “quickie” until she had time to deal with herself in a more effective manner.

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