Vanessa Lake

vanessalake2This cover for the current issue of Bizarre magazine looks promising with a nice bottoms-up spanky pose and the strapline:

“I love spanking…and playing rough.”

There’s no actual spanking content on the inside pages though which is particularly disappointing considering the magazine is fetish friendly and have used spanking pictures in the past.

The stunning model is Vanessa Lake who has a proper hour-glass figure and a classic pin-up sort of look. You can see the rest of the Bizarre photoshoot here.

I believe her interest in spanking is genuine enough because in this Q+A she says:

Besides tattoos and tattoo artists I really like the artwork in comic books. My favorite comic book artists are Dan DeCarlo and Bill Ward. These two artists have such an amazing style when it comes to drawing women in their artwork. From their faces down to the curves of their bodies, their work screams sex appeal in a really classy vintage style.

They also happen to be two of the most famous spanking artists of the last century. So would it be too much to expect some poses like these when her website opens in the near future?

billward big mod billward 001

Images found at Chicago Spanking Review

dandecarlothegeneral dandecarlo 001

You could easily imagine Vanessa modelling for Bill Ward – in stockings, suspenders and opera gloves.


Not sure what he would have made of the tattoos though.

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