Brit Bot of the Week


The Brit Bot of the Week pretty much picks itself after Kelly Brook’s guest appearance in Skins as a fitness instructor in a tight body suit.

Kelly Brook is probably more famous for her bottom than anything else. She’s done bits and pieces of television presenting – usually with disastrous results (remember The Big Breakfast anyone?) and her most memorable contribution to the film Piranha was her red bikini – the lower half of which appeared on the poster.

pirhana 001

She’s also recently starred in an excellent ass-vertising campaign for Reebok Easytone trainers.

Out of all the pictures of her butt that are knocking around the internet one of my faves would have to be this pin-up style shot from last September’s Playboy. Kelly certainly bucks the trend for stick thin celebrities but is all the fuss about her ample rear justified…or not? Vote now.


Update March 2013: And here’s a picture of Kelly actually being spanked! She posted it on her own instagram account.

kelly brook

And you can hear Kelly say the word “spanking” in this Brit Bot post which has also been updated.

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