Lesley-Anne Down in Public Eye

677752mThanks are due once again to Martyn for another great tip about  this obscure 1971 British TV series which starred Alfred Burke as private detective Frank Marker. It’s just a spanking threat but it’s extra special because the actress is Lesley-Anne Down whose beautiful bottom you can see reclining proudly at the top of each and every Spank Statement!

In the episode Shades of White, the seventeen year old Lesley-Anne guest starred as the spoiled daughter of a well-to-do family. In trouble for having unsuitable boyfriends and failing to hold down a permanent job, she is given a lecture by her irate father and her insolent replies make him lose his temper. He’s about to threaten her with something dire when she takes the words right out of his mouth! In the end though he takes his frustrations out on a hat-stand instead of her bottom!

Her character, a proper hoity-toity little madam, is just asking for a good spanking and I’ve uploaded another clip from the episode which Lesley-Anne fans won’t want to miss. In the dvd menu, the scene is actually titled provocative minx!! Full marks to whoever came up with that one.

She never does get a proper comeuppance but there is a humbling of sorts when her boyfriends turn out to be the thieves that her father has hired Frank Marker to catch. The final scene shows her having dinner with her mother and father and behaving for the first time politely and respectfully towards them. But she should be sitting on an extra soft cushion!

Public Eye could even have been where Lesley-Anne first caught the eye of the makers of Upstairs Downstairs the show which turned her into a household name a couple of years later. If you watch the provocative minx clip you’ll see that, after she has exited the room, she throws back the newspaper in a final show of petulance.

In her role as Lady Georgina in the period drama she actually did get spanked….with a newspaper! Not a very serious implement it’s true, but now it does at least seem highly appropriate!


Last year Colin came up with a link to the header picture after I’d made a special appeal for it. More recently, Harry sent me a superb bikini shot of Lesley-Anne which looks as though it dates roughly from around the time that she guest-starred in Public Eye. Now Martyn has let me have this hitherto unknown clip.


What a lucky little blogger I am! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Lesley-Anne Down in Public Eye”

  1. The father is played by John Collin, who had smacked a girl’s bottom in one of the color episodes of The Saint a few years before.

    There were actually two episodes of Upstairs Downstairs in which Georgina was spanked, both times by James (Simon Williams). The reason we don’t usually hear about one of them is that the episode ends on the exciting buildup to the spanking, and sadly we don’t actually get to see the OTK payoff. (Please, no literalminded comments to the effect that this means the spanking itself didn’t happen. As far as James and Georgina are concerned it does happen – it’s just that this time Lesley-Anne Down didn’t have to be spanked herself to achieve the effect. What happens in the story and what happens in real life are not always one and the same.)

  2. I’ve just got back online after 7 months so I’m busy catching up with my fave blogs. Thanks for the mention and your welcome,

  3. Good to have you back, Colin. 7 months is a long time with no internet. I’m not sure how I’d survive that – not that I’m addicted or anything 🙂

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