Jeggings – For or Against?

A couple of summers ago I remember getting a series of charming emails from a friend who was visiting New York. He couldn’t believe the fashion craze for leggings or tights that was so popular there:

Summer just hit New York and it’s a joy just walking around taking in the beautiful weather – and all the tights… 🙂

He told me lots of stories about the women he had seen with their tights-clad bottoms “churning and winking” in different areas of the city – including this one:

Last night I attended an opening at a gallery Downtown. The artist was a young Hispanic kid who’d made some quite good paintings in a sort of graffiti-style.
But: another guest was a woman in white tights that looked like they were spray painted on her. It looked like she walked around with a bare behind.

And what a behind it was!

And she just walked around, sipping wine, looking at the paintings and chatting with her friends. Someone asked what I thought of the paintings and I murmured something or other. What I wanted to say was:

The best piece of art in here is that woman’s bottom.”

I think that women dress like that for two reasons: 1. They know they have a great bottom. 2. They like to show it.

I could add a third reason: it helps keep your balance on the subway!


The trend has spread everywhere since making it one of the biggest bottom-centric fashions since…well I suppose since the last time leggings were all the rage back in the 1980s.

Not everyone is so happy about it though. One group of women have set up a website campaigning AGAINST the wearing of tights as outerwear. Their manifesto also arguably explains why the fashion is so enjoyable too. It just depends upon your point of view really.

Let’s Be Clear:

The wearing of tights as pants is an abomination.

Tights are not pants.

Sure in the context of sports, ballet, hair metal, and renaissance fairs, tights function as suitable leg coverings, but still…they are not pants.

No. These are not activities that transform tights into pants; these are historically acceptable acts of Pantlessness.

Tights as pants leave nothing to the imagination. Tights as pants are an affront to those of us who prefer not to know the most intimate details of the neighbor’s bodies. Tights as pants are the fashion equivalent of Too Much Information.

This gratuitous divulgence of assets repels where the tights-as-pants wearer presumably wants to entice. We have tired of tolerating attempts to force tights into a non-native garment category and have decided to do something about it.

Jeggings are an extension of the same trend, a cross between jeans and leggings that must have inspired many a spanking fantasy.

leggings 003 leggings 004

A couple of comedians from appropriately enough, New York, have put forward the PRO jeggings argument in a more entertaining way. Emma & Ari haven’t just come up with a manifesto, they’ve set it to music AND made a spoof pop video to go with it!

The best thing about Jeggings – The Official Music Video (apart from the sound effect of elastic snapping on to butt) is the disapproving mother who chases Ari around while trying to spank her on the seat of her jeggings with a rolling pin!

jeggings 001

jeggings 002

jeggings 003

Plenty of celebrities have embraced the trend including Paris Hilton, Jennifer Love Hewitt and of course Lindsey Lohan who we have to thank for starting it all apparently.

paris hilton leggings jennifer love hewitt leggings

And who, if she is found guilty of the charges of theft that she’s currently facing, should have plenty of reason to regret starting such a spank-friendly fashion!

8 thoughts on “Jeggings – For or Against?”

  1. Girls in Australia have been wearing tights as outerwear for years. Maybe with a sightly longer sweater or tailed shirt on top, but the bare arse is only a hair’s breadth away, and the cheek muscles are easily seen


  2. I do wear leggings/ tights as pants, and yes, I do fantasize about someone wanting to spank me for it. 🙂

  3. Tights and leggings are still two different things. Tights, are basically skin … just another layer of skin, while leggins often have a hair more room in them. The worst offense (IMO) are Pajama Jeans … don’t ask … But, if I had the body for it – which some would argue I do (NOT!), I would sport tights with a nice top at my homestead; maybe gardening in the presence of my beloved. But out, to the store – almost as offensive as my worst pet peeve – people who wear nasty baggy flannel pj pants in public … wtf?

    On another note, I have been otk more than once wearing lace footless tights … hmm … another topic all together.

    Really enjoyed this post. Have a good weekend.

  4. Rusty: thanks for subscribing and hope you continue to enjoy my posts. The lacy footless tights sound pretty hot. Couldn’t agree more about the pajamas in public. I’ll check out your site and add a link to my blogroll asap.

    all the best,


  5. Hi Rusty, that must be the longest, scariest looking link ever posted on here! But as you say it does the job – and wow! those tights are SUPER sexy! The guy who got to spank you in those is one lucky fella – that’s all I can say 🙂

  6. LOL – So sorry about that, Valdor! I couldn’t figure a shorter link. Glad you like the pic! Like I said, they’re clearly not for everyone. Enjoy your evening.

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