Brit Bot of the Week

Continuing the theme from the previous post I thought I’d make the Brit Bot of the Week a leggings special.

So step forward…Tulisa!

tulisa 002 tulisa 001

The singer with North London band Ndubz was pictured in a tight pair of black leggings which proved see through when subjected to the scrutiny of the press pack and their flash bulbs.

Now’s your chance to make your feelings known on the quality of Tulisa’s Brit Bot not to mention the whole leggings for/against debate.

The last pop singing Brit Bot of the Week belonged to Eliza Doolittle (58% approval rating so far). On Eliza’s post, Tim added a great video of a concert that she gave in Spain. I haven’t had the time to check out Ndubz vids on Youtube etc. but if anyone has spotted Tulisa wearing a bottom-revealing stage costume anywhere online please let us know about it.

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