In Front of An Audience

I’m hoping someone will be able to identify which (Mexican?) movie this scene comes from. A woman is given a very public spanking across the seat of her leather strides at a show. The crowd seem to love it!

12 thoughts on “In Front of An Audience”

  1. It is Mexican Spanish from the accents, but I have no idea what the film is called. It actually looks like something from the TV…

    The man spanks the girl because he doesn’t like her playing with anyone’s life. Later she complains that she will not stand for such treatment, and the woman says that it was her fault for some reason that I cannot catch.

  2. I’ve seen this clip before, in I think a bit better quality. I’m sure it’s on one of the Cinema Swats compilations, although I don’t know which one off hand.

    Unfortunately I only have access to a couple of them at the moment, and I think it’s one either One or Three, which I only have on video, and I can’t play them!

    I’m sure someone else out there has them and can check though.

  3. Hi… This clip is from “No Soy Monedita de Oro” (1962) and you guessed it, it’s from Mexico.

    The spanker is Fernando Casanova, the spankee is Lucha Moreno.

    She’s a sharpshooter, and she has just demonstrated that by shooting a cigarette from a guy’s mouth. But Fernando is angry that she taking chances with a human life.


  4. Thanks Dan (and Tim and Nick) for the help. A reader sent me this clip but didn’t know where it came from. Mexican spanking scenes are often sadly overlooked. I’ve now updated the title of the Youtube clip.

    I’ve always liked the idea of a spanking in front of an audience. I wouldn’t put this in the same class as “Kiss Me Kate” or “Honza” as an overall scene, but the humiliation factor for Lucha Moreno’s character is just as high.

  5. Loved this clip – new one for me. Very cute spankee.

    There’s a few Mexican scenes, but I do wonder if any have slipped under radar completely. Did these films tend to get released outside Mexico?

    While on the topic, what is the name of the film – which I assume is a Mexican western – where two identical twins both get spanked? I have the clips, just no info

  6. Thanks for the info, Nick.

    I had seen that clip before but only a shorter version and without any translation, so good to see.

    Best, Luther

  7. Nick: thanks for the link. That scene was new to me. I’d just seen a still of it before. Loved the close up shot of her butt in that tight dress too.
    Luther: the Pistolas spankings are favourites of mine. There’s an (Argentinian) actress called Rosita Quintana who I believe has been spanked 3 times in Mexican movies. Yet hardly anyone has heard of her.

  8. Rosita Quintana was born in Argentina in 1925, and I have no date of death for her, so she may still be with us. It’s true that she made many movies for Mexican companies, but also for other countries.

    She was spanked (humorously) by Pedro Armendariz in “El Charro y la Dama” (1949) and by a fellow whose name I don’t know, in “Tres Balas Perdidas” (1961). But she also performed in serious drama, and was cast as the villainous “Susana” in the film of that name, in 1951. In the latter, she was whipped rather than spanked.

    Rosita Quintana had a gorgeous face and figure, and also a beautiful voice. She sings in several of her films.

  9. Thanks again Dan,
    just to clarify, she was spanked twice in El Charro y la Dama – making three spanking scenes in all. (plus the Bunuel scene you mentioned) It might be a good idea to do a post on Rosita Q in the future.

    ps it was Julio Aldama who drew the Rosita Quintana straw in the Tres Balas Perdidas spanking lottery!

  10. @Luther: I’ve looked up the info I have on Dos Pistolas Gemelas now. This is the full story:

    Dos Pistolas Gemelas

    (Una Donna per Ringo
    Two Guns for Two Twins)
    (Spain/Italy, 1966)
    omedy/Western, 81 min, color

    Directed by: Rafael Romero Marchent
    Cast: Pilar Bayona (as Pili), Emilia Bayona (as Mili), Sean Flynn, Georges Rigaud

    Jenny and Sally, two twin sisters, travel by the West accompanying to their grandfathers, who gain the life selling to elixir miraculous fact you with sugar. The old one, borrachin and player, are able to gain the last game of its life, before falling pestered with shots. The two girls become proprietors of a farm without value apparently, but sought by richest of the town, that she loves to aproderar itself at all costs of him.

    A double spanking, and the recipients are the talented blonde Spanish twins with only one name apiece, Pili and Mili.

    First scene: Sean Flynn settles an argument with Pili by lifting her up and giving her backside numorous stinging slaps

    Pilar Bayona
    Date of birth: 10 February 1947, Zaragoza, Spain
    She was 19 years old in 1966.

    They might not be Mexican but they are both great scenes and the twin factor makes them unique as far as I know.

  11. Go on – somebody has to do it and it looks like I drew the short straw. I am uploading spanking clips from Mexican films to my blog along with an explanation of what is going on. No Basta Ser Charro and Tres Balas Perdidas have just gone up and el Charro y la Dama with its two spankings will arrive on Monday.

    OK, I am also uploading scenes from Mexican, Brazilian and Venezuelan soap operas. They will start to arrive next week at this label:

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