Brit Bot of the Week

keira knightley 001

As previously reported, Keira Knightley has always refused to bare her bottom on screen and forces her directors to use body doubles whenever rear nudity becomes unavoidable.

But wearing a figure-hugging motorcycle jump suit for a new perfume advert seems to have helped her overcome some of that shyness. All of a sudden, she’s quite happy for us to get a close up, low angle shot as she mounts her bike. That’s a close up, low-angle shot of the precious, over-protected little Knightley posterior! (The link takes you straight to the good bit of the ad and it’s well worth a look)

I say little and certainly “bootylicious” and “Keira Knightley” aren’t words that you’d ever expect to appear in the same sentence. The received opinion might be that her figure is too skinny but maybe now’s as good a time as any for some Knightley re-ASS-essment.

I can’t think of any particular reason why the 26 year old actress herself should be spanked but the characters she plays are often just asking to be taken in hand. So the question is simple:

Keira Knightley’s bottom might be fit to sell perfume, but is it fit to go across your knee?

If you’re still undecided after watching the Chanel ad, I’ve posted some bikini pictures on The Spank Statement Tumblr which might help to make up your mind. The link is on the right.

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