Jackie Miller Gallery

Dukie Boy has provided some more pictures of the voluptuous fetish model Jackie Miller whose era spanning career began in the 1950s, when she worked with Irving Klaw, and lasted through to the rise of modern spanking magazines in the late 60s. Prior to her work with Klaw, Miller had been a showgirl in the Miami area.

The first set features Jackie and Barbara Pauline, another of Klaw’s full figured models, going at it.

29x-03 29x-06 29x-02

292-01 292-02 290-02

This photo series, featuring a late period Jackie after she had recovered from a serious illness and lost some weight, originally appeared in Corporal magazine.

pms-s308 pms-s310 pms-s311

pms-s312 pms-s313 pms-s323

pms-s327 pms-s331 pms-s330

pms-s328 pms-s332 pms-s333

Dukie Boy says that a few years back, Java of Java’s Bachelor Pad informed him that he had an interview with Jackie lined up, but she had backed down at the last minute. He had seen a recent photo of the lady and said she was still quite impressive.

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