Pirates – Picture Update


Thanks and much credit to Doctor Ken for recovering this spectacular piece of sunken pirate treasure from the murky depths of his computer’s barnacle-encrusted hard disk!

Just to recap, in my post about pirates from a couple of weeks back I wrote:

I would be surprised if artists such as Paula Meadows, Brian Tarsis and others haven’t tackled this theme, but I couldn’t find any pirate spanking drawings at all in my collection.

So I was very pleased when the good Doctor sent me this one which is indeed by Mr Tarsis as it turns out!

Tarsis is particularly good at giving his pictures a distinct setting, in both time and place, and I think this is a great example. There’s so much going on in the background and period costume detail. I love the roguish pirates (especially the bald one!) who laugh and sup rum as their dashing Captain administers a sound spanking to the bare bottom of a buxom lady.

We don’t know exactly why she’s being punished, but the leering pirates are contrasted with the lady’s shocked maid who looks on helpless because she’s tied to the ship’s mast. Note too that the Captain is using his treasure chest as a makeshift seat!

penelope cruz pirates of the caribbean

One other thing struck me about the picture. Since I wrote the earlier post, the new Pirates of the Caribbean film On Stranger Shores has come out which stars Penelope Cruz. Do I detect a passing resemblance between her and the lady in the Tarsis picture?


I’ve uploaded three more Tarsis drawings to the Spank Statement Tumblr – the link is on the right sidebar.

2 thoughts on “Pirates – Picture Update”

  1. Oh, if only Penelope Cruz had received such a spanking in the latest “Pirates” movie!

    A very nice follow-up post–I’m glad I was able to be of some help!

  2. Thanks again for your help Dr Ken. The picture was also posted by the French blog “Au Fil Des Jours” so your hidden gem from Tarsis has suddenly become a lot better known.

    Penelope Cruz would make a perfect movie spankee for me. Fingers crossed that one day it will happen.

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