Brit Bot of the Week – Lily Cole

Lily Cole

Since we’ve been talking about redheads this week, I thought we’d better have a ginger Brit Bot of the Week too, the first one so far, as it happens.

Lily Cole also ties in with last week’s Pirates post because she appeared in the Doctor Who episode The Curse of the Black Spot which was set on board a pirate ship. She played a “stroppy homicidal mermaid”, and while I’m not sure if mermaids actually have bottoms to spank, this one certainly needed some taming!

The 23 year-old student and supermodel first got a mention on The Spank Statement about four years ago when she played a schoolgirl in the St Trinians movie. Since then, unlike co-star Gemma Arterton, she’s kept her bottom comparatively under wraps and well out of the headlines.

She did do a Lolita themed spread for Playboy which included some nice pin-up shots of her small but perfectly formed posterior.

lily cole 005

And she appeared on the catwalk with Jean-Paul Gaultier in an outfit which seemed to be channeling both Emma Peel AND John Steed at the same time!

lily cole 008

Jean-Paul Gaultier has recently been attending to Lady Gaga’s backside but unfortunately on this occasion he didn’t use that crook handled brolly across Lily’s leather clad behind. The tight black jump suit certainly looked good from behind though.

lily cole 006 lily cole 007

But it”s thanks to Harry for sending me pictures of the outstanding bottom moment of Lily Cole’s career so far. If anyone knows where these were taken I’d be glad for some more information. Clearly it’s a fashion show with Lily looking very demure and “butter wouldn’t melt” in a navy blue calf-length dress. It’s hard to imagine her ever playing a stroppy homicidal mermaid in the thumbnail image…

lilly cole naughty

But click on it to see Lily unleash her inner rebellious redhead attitude!

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