Little Deaths

llittle deaths 004

Directed by Simon Rumley, Bitch is the third and final part of Little Deaths a 2011 horror anthology of thematically linked short films. 

Kate Braithwaite (Claire) and Tom Sawyer (Pete) play a young couple living in a poky London flat with a relationship that is based on power games. Claire is the dominant, and sometimes emotionally abusive, partner.

She has a phobia for dogs so Pete takes to wearing a sinister home-made canine mask during their kinky S&M role-play.

little deaths 005

Claire becomes more and more unbearable and one day pushes Pete a step too far when he discovers her having sex with another man. His revenge takes their role-play game to a whole new level you might say!

Watch my clip here

While there’s no flagellation involved, the victim’s position is clearly inspired by spanking/bondage fetish imagery. And how fetchingly that exposed and vulnerable backside writhes on top of the bolster pillow. Note the excellent camera angles too. (If this director ever did a spanking scene it would be great)

Simon Rumley said that filming the scene had a disturbing effect on his 25 year-old female lead:

“Kate is a very pretty and sweet girl and did an amazing job, but there were a few times when she was a little freaked out—and this was one of them!”

He continued:

“My last two films both have girls tied up at some point, but my next couple don’t—which some people will be happy about and some won’t!”

kate braithwaite 001 little deaths

He’s right that Kate is very pretty – you can check her out further in the movie trailer where she is shown receiving a set of restraints as a present. She holds them up and says “What are THESE for?” with a naughty glint in her eyes. I haven’t seen the whole movie and it’s quite likely that there are other scenes of interest.

One thought on “Little Deaths”

  1. Sounds like a psychological torture sort of film. Interesting how it affected the actress. Thanks for noticing this and writing it up, Valdor.

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