SatisfactionThis new caning scene is from Satisfaction an Australian TV drama about the lives of a group of sex workers in a high class brothel.

The 2008 episode,  “Paying For It”, sees Diana Glenn as a cane-wielding mistress who has to deal with a rather untypical submissive client played by Karen Roberts.

I can’t tell you anything about the back story of the characters, but both caner and canee(s) are clearly working out some serious issues in this gripping scene with a ‘reflective’ twist as Diana Glenn remembers her own caning.

Diana Glenn is bottom left in the picture of the Satisfaction cast.

satisfaction cast

Seated next to her is Madeleine West who went otk in an episode of Underbelly from the same year.

6 thoughts on “Satisfaction”

  1. What a great find. Australia seems like a pretty kinky country, even if their laws can be rather oppressive.

  2. Good work ferreting this one out. It’s pretty unusual – I’d like to know more about it. I don’t follow much American T.V., but I don’t think this series has been seen here yet.

  3. I’d like to see the whole episode too. I don’t think it’s ever been shown in the US.

    Clearly the woman being caned is marked out by her clothing as frumpy and old fashioned. I wonder if she might have come from a strict family and been caned when she was growing up and has now developed a fetish for it which she satisfies by visiting the brothel.

    The caner hallucinates that she is punishing HERSELF. She must be on some kind of ‘guilt trip’. (for being a prostitute perhaps).

    All a bit Freudian really!

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