Pictures of Tennis Girls Shoving Balls Up Their Knickers

“Pictures of tennis girls shoving balls up their knickers” was a search term that brought a visitor to the site this week.

ball 001 ball emmanuelle gagliardi ball jelena dokic

So I thought I’d better try and make him (it’s got to be a him hasn’t it?!) happy by posting the pick of my collection of… pictures of tennis girls shoving balls up their knickers!

In the Tatiana Golovin picture (right below) the ball is already up there. It made me wonder just how many tennis balls a player can fit up her knickers. Has a record ever been attempted?

ball maria sharapova 3 ball tatiana golovin

ball jelena dokic 2 ball maria sharapova 2

So I googled the question, and found an answer on a trivia website.

If push comes to shove, a girl can hold 4 tennis balls in her knickers, assuming strong elastic and no sense of style. French knickers can’t hold any.

ball maria sharapova 1

The picture above is Maria Sharapova 2011 Wimbledon vintage. It’s a bit reminiscent of the famous Athena tennis girl poster, but with knickers on of course. Perhaps if she wins the ladies final today, she will celebrate by trying to beat 4!

Just imagine the flashbulbs!


3 thoughts on “Pictures of Tennis Girls Shoving Balls Up Their Knickers”

  1. Only 4? That doesn’t sound like a serious attempt to me. mind you I loved that phrase “when push comes to shove”.
    Maybe Nuts could find a girl who’s willing or at a pinch there’s always the Geordie pants man (the mind boggles).

  2. Oh there is so little about tennis I actually understand! hehhe but greatttt post. Had no clue about the balls…in the knickers…..guess actual pockets would not……

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